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Revolution fire will extinguish money

the King of Saudi Arabia promised to the population 36 mlrd dollars

the Government of Saudi Arabia has decided not to wait revolutions and scale protests. On Wednesday by an example of the next Bahrain it declared increase in salaries to state employees and about the program of interest-free loans for the population. However, the opposition wants from the authorities not money, and political reforms.

In total on measures of social support king Abdalla who has just come back after treatment, intends to spend 36 mlrd dollars Substantial increase of salaries (on 15 %) waits for state employees of the country. Besides, almost 11 mlrd dollars will be placed in special fund of interest-free loans for the population. The help will be received also by the unemployed and students.

Besides it the government promised to carry out reforms in education spheres and public health services. On these purposes, and also the country leaders intend to allocate for improvement of an infrastructure 400 mlrd dollars till the end of 2014.

Analysts name these measures preventive as in Saudi Arabia meanwhile there were no so mass protests, as in Egypt, Tunis, Libya and a number of the countries of the Near East. The opposition, however, considers promises of the authorities as a tip and insists on radical reforms in political sphere. Hundreds people have already subscribed on Facebook on “ day of anger “ which is planned for March, 11th. However, judging by rather remote date, organizers of the protest nevertheless hope that to their requirements will listen also to the people it is not necessary to leave on streets.

According to the president of Institute of the Near East Evgenie Satanovsky, the country government correctly estimates a situation, being between two fires. “ There is east province where basically there are oil fields, and it will scatter into smithereens as soon as in Bahrain Shiits will displace balance to own advantage, - the expert has told daily. - on border with Yemen also it is restless, and if the power in Yemen falls that is almost inevitable, and most likely it will break up on northern and southern from Saudi Arabia remains nothing “. However the basic problem what not all dares by means of money. At the country many political problems: contradictions between sunitami and Shiits are fundamental, except that, the ruling mode is very old, - has noted g - n Satanovsky.

Attempt to promise to citizens money and reforms has been undertaken earlier by the next Bahrain, with which at Saudi Arabia rather close relations. Nevertheless, despite these promises and on clearing more than 300 political prisoners, protests in Bahrain do not abate. Demonstrators demand resignation of the government of the country. On Wednesday they have announced new requirements: clearing of all political prisoners, legislative reform, formation of the new government and independent investigation of  destruction of seven demonstrators.