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Germany has not constrained expenses

a country Budgeted deficit has exceeded 3 % resolved in EU

Struggle against an economic crisis has led to formation of a huge hole in the state treasury of Germany: for the first time for last five years the leader of the European economy has broken the top limit of an indicator of budgetary deficiency established in the European Union in 3 % from gross national product. However as a whole economic indicators of Germany continue to remain at high level that gives hope of successful struggle against budgetary problems.

According to the message of Federal statistical department published on Thursday, in 2010 cumulative expenses of the government of Germany, federal lands, municipal unions and system of the state social insurance have exceeded their incomes on 82 mlrd euro that there correspond 3,3 % from country gross national product. In crisis 2009 this indicator has made exactly 3,0 %.

Following the results of the past year the greatest deficiency was found out in federal treasury — approximately 57,9 mlrd euro. Deficiency of budgets of the earths Germany has reached 17,2 mlrd euro, and municipal unions — 10 mlrd euro. The social insurance system, on the contrary, presented proficiency in 3 mlrd euro.

In the report of statistical department it is specified that the severe winter has braked lifting of German economy in the end of 2010. And though gross national product growth in the fourth quarter in comparison with an indicator of three previous months has made 0,4 %, however it has appeared below summer 0,7 %. The basic growth of a national economy has provided export (growth of 2,5 %) whereas national economy development was braked from - for weaknesses of the building industry (falling on 3,9 %).

Now the majority of experts count on new jerk of German economy in the first quarter 2011 as the building branch will actively restore the positions. This forecast proves to be true also present record growth of an index of business activity Ifo which is the major indicator of a condition of a conjuncture in Germany.

As a whole in 2010 national economy has grown on 3,6 % that is the highest indicator for the period after association of Germany and GDR. Many analysts consider that during the current year gross national product growth can make 3 % though the official forecast of the government equals only 2,3 %. But even despite it, according to the cabinet of Germany, this year the country budgeted deficit will make 2,5 %, that is again will return to the borders established by the Maastricht agreement.