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Uoll - strit left crisis

But bonuses have got under reduction

Profit of the financial companies with Uoll - strit last year has reached 27,6 mlrd dollars, the revenue inspector of state of New York Thomas Dinapoli has informed on Wednesday. It is the second-large result in the history nju - jorkskoj financial branch. Despite it, bonuses to financiers have reduced.

More than last year, the companies working with securities in New York, have earned only in 2009. Then their general profit has reached 61,4 mlrd dollars to It federal programs of the help promoted economy and financial sector, low interest rates and active trade at the expense of own means, has noted g - n Dinapoli.

Analysts consider, as 2010 was the extremely successful in the light of difficult working conditions. last year was rather uneasy for the companies operating in the market of the capital. The market was very much volatilnym, and the volume of the auctions was much more low, than in 2009. The profit was helped by improvement of conditions with the end of the year. Besides, there were many changes in the legislation, and regulation became more rigid — analyst Aite Group of Alois Pirker has told daily.

Despite second-large in the history the profit indicator, bonuses of financiers last year were reduced to 8 % in comparison with 2009 and have made 20,8 mlrd dollars For comparison, in 2006 they have reached record 34,3 mlrd dollars And in crisis 2008 the volume of the bonus has decreased to 17,6 mlrd dollars the Average bonus cash last year has decreased for 9 %, to 128,5 thousand dollars

Despite decrease in the size bonus, the total amount of indemnifications following the results of last year has grown on 6 %, the analysis of the reporting of the separate financial companies testifies. By words g - on Dinapoli it means that the financial sector gives more attention to increase of base salaries and the postponed payments. bonuses cash have decreased, but it does not testify to weakness on Uoll - strit — the revenue inspector has declared. The companies working on a securities market, have directed on payment of salaries and bonus in total 47 % from the net avails for 2010.

Presented g - nom Dinapoli of the statistican reflects earnings of employees of the broker companies working directly in New York, and does not consider indemnification of financiers at other offices. The data is made on the basis of surtax, that is includes the information on bonuses cash and the postponed payments from which taxes have been paid. In an estimation bonuses are not considered by actions.

it is necessary to notice that the role of the companies working on a securities market, in incomes of staff and a city of New York has essentially decreased. The sector share in the staff budget has decreased with 20 to 13 %, and in city budget — with 13 to 7 %.