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Vladimir Antonov buys Spyker Cars

the Transaction the Netherlands motor-car manufacturer Spyker Cars N V. will help the Netherlands motor-car manufacturer to pay off with debts

(the owner of Saab) has decided to sell the division on manufacture of sports cars Spyker Cars for 32 million euro to reduce the sizes of debts of the company. The former shareholder and head Spyker Cars N becomes the buyer. V. Vladimir Antonov.

According to conditions of the forthcoming transaction which it has been officially declared on February, 24th, g - n Antons will be paid for division of sport cars at once by 15 million euro, and then still a maximum of 17 million euro within six years from company profit.

Vladimir Antonov who is now head Konvers grup was the largest shareholder Spyker (almost 30 %) before acquisition by Netherlanders of Saab. Shortly before purchase of Saab in the end of 2009 the Swedish police has suspected the businessman of money-laundering and other economic crimes. g - on Antonova Swedes have not found any proofs of criminal activity, but, under the informal data, management GM to which belonged to Saab, has insisted on that the Russian has left the share in Spyker Cars N. V. The businessman as a result has sold the actions Tenaci Capital B V., belonging to Victor Muller. As a result negotiations on Saab purchase have been continued also the company has passed to Spyker Cars N V. for 74 million dollars cash, and also 326 million dollars preference shares of the future company.

As have informed daily in the Netherlands company, both parties intend to conclude the bargain as soon as possible. the transaction does not demand approval of regulating bodies, therefore its end is possible the next months - the speaker of the company has told, having added that exact terms now to name extremely difficult.

According to chairman of board of directors Spyker Cars N. V. Hans Hjugenholttsa, the transaction will allow Spyker Cars N V. to concentrate exclusively on Saab Automobile business, and also... To reduce debts . The main creditor of the Netherlands motor-car manufacturer is Tenaci Capital B. V. As has informed Bloomberg to underline attention to Saab mark, the company after transaction end intends to replace the name. Unlike unprofitable division Spyker Cars Saab mark shows growth of sales. In 2010 of sale of cars of this mark have grown on 15 %, to 31,7 thousand pieces, in comparison with 2009. For comparison, the division of sport cars Spyker Cars in 2009 has sold only 36 cars (the data for 2010 while is absent).

to Receive Vladimir Antonova`s comment concerning the forthcoming transaction it was not possible.