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The son of Libyan leader Kaddafi has come over to the side of oppositionists

the Younger son of Libyan leader Muammara Kaddafi, Saif al - the Arab, is suspected of high treason and joining to oppositionists. Al - the Arab on the instructions of the father has been sent in Bengasi to provide to an operating mode loyalty of power structures. However instead of securing with an arrangement of agents of national security, the son of the Libyan leader himself has adjoined rebels, transfers the Iranian TV channel PressTV. Other sources do not confirm the given information.

Some days ago al - the Arab during performance on the Libyan television supported the father, declaring that the originator of disorders in the country is the external enemy . Moreover, younger son Kaddafi named statements of oppositionists and journalists for bombardments of cities and hundreds victims lie. He assured that all power system of the country, the airports and schools Are opened and work in a usual mode and confirming to the words promised to arrange doubting a press - round, that those have learnt truth about an event in Libya, transfers Lenta. ru.

however as informs the Russian newspaper referring to the Iranian TV channel, now the son advises Kaddafi to commit suicide or run away to the South America.

According to some information, one more high-ranking Libyan ordering armies in Tobruk Sulejman Mahmud has renounced Kaddafi. He has declared that has come over to the side of the people, as the Libyan leader — the tyrant . In interview Al - Dzhazire Mahmud has underlined that its subordinates have gone over together with it.

we Will note, mass protest actions of opponents of Kaddafi, stretch correcting the country since 1969, pass in Libya since February, 16th. Under opposition control to which party have passed some divisions of army, there is a considerable part of the country. As a result of collisions between supporters and opponents of Kaddafi, and also at suppression by the authorities of actions of opposition were lost, according to human rights organisations, to 2 thousand persons.