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Mini in the size you will not spoil

Tiny Rocketman it will be calculated only on three persons

the Companies of BMW laurels of the Englishmen who have made first Mini in the length of only 3 m. Germans do not allow to sleep easy are going to present in Geneva the smallest car in modelling ruler Mini which on 216 mm will be shorter nowadays let out Cooper.

While it is a little specifications, however it was possible to learn that the machine is constructed on slightly modified platform which at the same time repeats the constructive decisions already embodied in successfully on sale four-seater Cooper. To provide normal working space for the driver and comfort for the forward passenger, designers have displaced the engine and a transmission a little forward, having hung up them is closer to a bumper. The wheel has left to a door, and the car sports now to the increased lobbies svesom.

Such decision, is unique correct for small machines, has affected appearance of a hatchback. Forward part Mini Rocketman visually and in a reality outweighs a stern, paternal the novelty as though squats on a nose.

the Length of the car makes 3419 mm that on 216 mm it is less, than at three-door Mini Cooper. Meanwhile it more than at the first Mini which were issued in 60 - e years. Their length made only 3050 mm. To repeat a feat 50 - summer prescription now it is hardly possible, therefore as dimensions Mini Rocketman already closely come nearer to the bottom border of the sizes established by rigid European rules on passive safety. If to compress a body it is even more, the car hardly will rescue the owner in failure.

Conceptual Mini Rocketman which should appear for the first time before public on the Geneva motor show, has the extremely futuristic design developed only for displays on autoshow. Meanwhile the landing formula 3+1 (three armchairs and a luggage place instead of the fourth) should remain and on serial samples.

Komponovshchiki have decided that the left passenger will disturb behind knees to the driver, and have set up a cargo platform on its place. The high-grade seat behind is only on the right, after all it is considered that the forward passenger can be removed as much as possible if necessary forward.

Under a cowl at Mini Rocketman the tiny three-cylinder diesel engine developed for hybrid power installations should work. The motor has a quite good twisting moment on bottoms and should cope sutolochnym with a rhythm of movement of close European small towns. Settlement consumption of fuel at it about 3 l on one hundred.

the car Exterior is decorated by amusing elements, such as the back lanterns executed in the form of arches of safety on a cabriolet, dvermi, driving off from a body, and also a sliding luggage carrier for fastening of large-sized things, as on the first Mini.

Affirms that vnutrisalonnyj the machine display can project 3D - the image but as it works, is not informed. All technical details promise to divulge next week in Geneva.

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