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The mobile phone influences a head

Americans assert that conversations by a cellular telephone make active a brain

Has chatted by a mobile phone - has accelerated work of the brain. Scientists have informed on probability of such interrelation from National institutes of public health services of the USA. They have conducted the researches showing that the electromagnetic radiation proceeding from a tube, influences brain activity of the person. And it is not established yet, it is good or it is bad.

47 volunteers have taken part In experiment - they used phone in a mode of conversation throughout 50 minutes As a result of brain scanning has been established that the metabolism in nejronah was accelerated on 7 %. Scientists are assured, what even that weak radiation which lets out a mobile phone, has managed to lead to similar result.

It is noticed that activity this most likely was caused not by temperature of a heating up tube, and the mobile phone aerial as acceleration of chemical reactions was registered in areas of a brain which were most close to it.

a Number of the scientists who were engaged in similar researches, even consider that electromagnetic waves of low intensity can be used for stimulation of a brain with the therapeutic purposes.

If it will prove to be true, it will turn out that mobile phones not only are not harmful, but can be and are useful. For a long time already there is a theory according to which cellular devices negatively affect a human brain and in a condition even to provoke occurrence in it of tumours. Now, possibly, there will be also scientific statements that electromagnetic radiation is capable to help at certain frustration of brain activity or even to make the person sharper, than it now is.

However as professor Valery Shulgovsky has told daily managing chair of the higher nervous activity of biological faculty of the Moscow State University, results of the research spent by the American scientists, while only intermediate.

that electromagnetic radiation affects a brain, no doubt. On the other hand, precisely to define, with what activation in a brain after conversation by a mobile phone, very difficult is connected. To any normal person during telephone conversation could inform something disturbing, and it was raised. Accordingly, the brain was activated and without participation of the electromagnetic waves proceeding from phone - the professor supposes.

It is necessary to notice that dispute on, whether cellular devices are harmful, there is a decade. The works studying influence of mobile phones on the person and animals, were spent, in particular, and to Russia. Influence of electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves was investigated also. On the basis of these experiments different biomedical devices which now are actively applied in physiotherapy have been created. However, in opinion g - on Shulgovsky to define concrete influence of radiation of a cellular telephone on a brain at the moment still it is very difficult.