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The Kamchatka volcanoes struggle with global warming

One of operating Kamchatka volcanoes of Kizimen continues the eruption which has begun in November of last year. According to experts, volcanic ashes and the gases which have arrived in atmosphere, are capable to lower air temperature on a surface of the Earth.

Volcanic ashes and gases, having arrived in high layers of atmosphere, are capable to remain in it year and more. And ashes reflect a part of solar radiation back in space, thereby reducing air temperature on a surface of the Earth, are told in the message of the World fund of the wild nature in Russia. Besides, aerosols and peplovye particles change structure of air and can promote formation of deposits.

So, in 1815 eruption of a volcano of Tambora in Indonesia has lowered temperature of a ground layer of air on a planet on 0,5 degrees of Celsius. And the Icelandic volcano the Varnishes which have thrown out in 1783 about 100 million t of aerosols of sulfuric acid, has served decrease in ground temperature on 1 degree.

On Kamchatka about 30 active volcanoes, three of them — SHiveluch, Karymsky and Kizimen — now are under special supervision of volcanists. Experts mark increase of the general activity of the Kamchatka volcanoes for last five years. Acknowledgement to that was eruption of Kizimena which has begun in November of last year and proceeds today. Scientists consider that Kizimen, certainly, influences formation of a local climate. But to protect a planet from global warming it not in forces.

The matter is that these changes are not long-term: aerosol particles rather quickly settle. Models on which climate change pays off, well reproduce effect from eruptions. Thus it is visible that volcanoes cannot to do weather For a long time, a maximum — on three - five years. Then the temperature comes back besides to a trend, after all concentration in atmosphere of carbonic gas, the basic the originator warming, continues to grow and these three - five years — Alexey Kokorin, the co-ordinator of program WWF " has told; the Climate and power .