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Companion Glonass - To is deduced into a space orbit

by Sputnik Glonass - To is successfully deduced into a space orbit, have informed in Space armies of Russia. Now with the space vehicle it is established and steady telemetering communication is supported.

Start of the new companion of system Glonass has been carried out from the cosmodrome Plesetsk " Carrier rocket; the Union - 2. 1 with razgonnym the block the Frigate and the space vehicle Glonass - To successfully started today in an estimated time - 06:15 Moscow time, transfers news agency. At the moment onboard systems of the companion function normally, and it is taken on management of means of the Main test centre of tests of Titov.

Originally carrier rocket start has been planned for February, 24th. However it has been transferred for technical reasons.

It is the first start of space vehicle Glonass from the cosmodrome Plesetsk, informs RIA Novosti news agency. Before all starts of companions Glonass were spent from the cosmodrome Baikonur. Besides, also for the first time the middle class carrier rocket was applied to start of the companion of system Glonass the Union - 2. 1 .

Before December, 5th companions Glonass - M which have been started from the cosmodrome Baikonur, in some hours have fallen in Pacific ocean severo - to the west of Honolulu, without having reached an orbit. After a conclusion of companions to a circumterraneous orbit formation of the Russian global navigating satellite system should come to the end. Later the head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminov was reprimanded by president Dmitry Medvedev, and its assistant Victor Remishevsky and vice-president RKK Energy Vyacheslav Filin have been released from the posts.