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In Nalchik have fired at autorefuelling Rosneft

This morning unknown persons have fired at gasoline station in Nalchik. As a result of an attack at the gas station there was a fire, however nobody has suffered. Later in a house court yard where the prospective insurgent lives, have blown up a grenade.

on February, 26th about four o`clock in the morning the group of the armed people has approached on refuelling Rosneft in the street Chernyshevsky in Nalchik also have opened fire on a building of parking place and a premise where there was a station personnel, informs Echo Moscow . Then unknown persons have disappeared in an unknown direction. According to preliminary data, victims and victims are not present.

Other incident in Nalchik has occurred a bit later. In a home ownership court yard where parents of one of insurgents, presumably, live, the grenade has been blown up. As a result of this incident also nobody has suffered.

the Situation in capital Kabardino - Balkarii has sharply become aggravated still the day before. Some groups of insurgents attacked in the evening on February, 25th from a grenade cup discharge a building of local management of FSB, two posts of traffic police and FSB sanatorium. Attacking it was possible to disappear. In a city the plan " has been entered; the Fortress providing strengthening of protection of objects.

As the representative of investigatory management on Kabardino - Balkarii has informed RIA Novosti news agency, four persons moving on stolen " participated in bombardment of a post of traffic police; Gazelles . He also has added that as a result of bombardment one employee of traffic police - the captain of militia - has got fragmental wound of the person. Besides, damages were received by two motor vehicles which were at a post - VAZ and Mercedes.

On the given fact criminal case under articles " is brought; an encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body weapon illegal circulation robbery And deliberate damage of property the criminal code of Russian Federation. Their sanctions provide imprisonment for term up to the lifelong. Upon bombardment of building UFSB in Nalchik criminal case under articles " is brought; an encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body and weapon illegal circulation the criminal code of Russian Federation.

Meanwhile as informs an emergency response centre in Kabardino - Balkarii, in the present conditions in Nalchik are completely supervised. In particular, special actions, " are carried out; directed on search and detention of the criminals who have made an attack on objects of law enforcement bodies .