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To Putin the leopard as an image of the Olympic Games

the Prime minister is nice - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin admitted that to it the image of a leopard as a talisman of the Sochi Olympic games of 2014 is personally nice. However, he has especially noticed that the definitive choice will pass on the basis of opinion of the majority. Voting by a choice of a talisman of winter Olympic and Paralimpijsky games will pass in Sochi tonight on the Russian television.

on February, 26th at a meeting with representatives of the student`s organisations of Sochi the chairman of the government Vladimir Putin admitted that sympathises with a leopard as a talisman of the Olympic games of 2014. a leopard - strong, powerful, fast and beautiful. Breed of a leopard here, on caucasus, has been exterminated, and now revives - gives of a word of prime minister Putin of RIA Novosti news agency.

Besides, as he said, the image of a leopard is symbolical: If realisation of the Olympic project is connected, at least partially, with revival of a segment of the nature which has been lost from - for activity of the person it is symbolical .

However, the prime minister has especially underlined that the final decision will be accepted on the basis of opinion of the majority, without being based neither on my opinion, nor on Dmitry Anatolevicha`s opinion - he has noted.

Tonight inhabitants of Russia will choose talismans of winter Olympic and Paralimpijsky games of 2014. The first presentation of the cores pretendetov has taken place in the beginning of February, 2011. In shorts - sheet of possible talismans have entered: two bears — brown and white, a bullfinch, a leopard, a hare, a snowflake (a snowflake, ldinka), a dolphin, the sun, little men and Father Frost. Among ideas of a talisman for Paralimpijsky games: The nested doll (tumbler toy), dolphin and bullfinch

As have shown polls of population VTSIOM, as the Olympic Games talisman in Sochi - 2014 Russians see Father Frost, a bear cub, a nested doll and tigrjat. Thus the main criterion of a choice of the Olympic talisman for Russians is its ability for a long time to be remembered and be clear, and also to reflect cultural features of the country — mistresses of the Olympic Games.