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Navalnyj considers activity of opposition senseless

the Known blogger and the fighter with corruption Alexey Navalnyj considers activity of oppositionists senseless. As he said, all changes in the country do 1 % of the active population. Thus to enter any party Navalnyj does not gather.

the Founder of an anticorruption site RosPil and active blogger Alexey Navalnyj is not going to adjoin one of the existing oppositional organisations, exactly as well as to create own. He has informed on it the day before at specially organised meeting in one of capital restaurants.

I do not see sense to participate in any organizational structure, because this rule which to us have imposed - gives of RIA Novosti news agency of a word of Navalnogo. He also has informed that considers senseless activity of the oppositionists Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Milova, Vladimir Ryzhkova, Michael Kasyanov creating Party of National Freedom .

At the same time, he has assumed that it would not receive registration in Ministry of Justice if he was going to create the organisation. I do not see here the slightest sense... This leaflet (from Ministry of Justice) is not necessary to me. It in any way will not help my activity - he has told.

the Blogger also is convinced that all changes do 1 % of the active population, and armies of grandmothers which go with koromyslom napereves from any far villages to it are not necessary.

Speaking about the anticorruption project RosPil Navalnyj has noticed that now it exists in chaotic enough condition . The project already has a commission of experts from 800 persons, and also monitoring group in which consist an order of three thousand persons.