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NLMK will give Maksi - groups

the Company demands to cancel the transaction and to return to it 7,3 mlrd roubles

New Lipetsk metkombinat demands to recognise as void the transaction on purchase at Nikolay Maksimova of 51 % of actions Maksi - groups . Thus Vladimir Lisina`s company expects to return paid for this active 7,3 mlrd Action rbl. Maksi - groups according to NLMK, should pass to the state.

Yesterday NLMK has submitted the claim to Arbitration court of a city of Moscow with the requirement to recognise void the transaction on purchase by company Lisina in November, 2007 of a controlling interest Maksi - groups . As respondents act the former owner Maksi - groups Nikolay Maksimov, the company and a little its were a top - managers.

NLMK notices that the seller, Nikolay Maksimov, has deliberately hidden the authentic data of the financial reporting Maksi - groups And a real financial condition of the controllable companies of group. we bought the company not from Maksimova, and at creditors. All actives belonged to them. Moreover, it has underestimated a debt receivable. All specified debt receivable was before its firms which were bankrupts. Therefore it were not debts, and the bad debt. Therefore Maxims us has deceived - mark in the company. To such conclusions in NLMK have come following the results of legal and financial check of the companies of group which only has been finished recently.

the Industrial complex demands to apply invalidity consequences that is Maxims should return received from NLMK 7,3 mlrd rbl. of Obespechitelnyh of measures, that is arrest of means of Maksimova, the claimant does not demand. Moreover, the company notices that, according to article 179 GK the Russian Federation, actions Maksi - groups should return not to the former proprietor, and to be transferred in the state income. Thus papers of a part of actives (Nizhneserginsky metizno - metal works, Uralvtorchermeta and the Ural factory of precision alloys) which have been got at mortgaging auctions, NLMK in case of a transaction turn is not going to return.

Nikolay Maksimov has told daily that about the claim does not know, but will be agree to develop the transaction if NLMK will return it actives. at me as at Khodorkovsky, one hope that sooner or later the court at us will be humane and fair. Now at us court only humane - he has told. The former manager Maksi - groups Alexander Malyshev (is the co-defendant under the claim) also does not know about claim NLMK. At the moment of the enterprise transaction Maksi - groups were profitable. We will challenge the claim and now we discuss this question with lawyers - he has told daily.

to Define, what can be a judgement while it is difficult. Taking into account recent article of the Supreme Arbitration Court about possibility of a turn of suspicious transactions chances are. Variants to prove it there is enough - Michael Malinovsky from " considers; right Lines . Chairman MKA Nikolaev and partners Yury Nikolays of other opinion. in Russia there is accurately established practice that the contract price is voluntary for both parties. Each party bears those risks which are provided under the transaction - he underlines.