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Passengers have brought

the Russian Railway in first half of 2010 have lost on passenger transportations 34 mlrd roubles

In first half of last year the Russian railways have wholly felt on itself economy restoration. At gain growth on 22 %, to 651 mlrd rbl., company net profit in January-June, 2010 has increased almost five times, to 110,5 mlrd rbl. Have helped also growth of the market of a cargo transportation, and state support. And here the passenger direction, apparently, disappoints, its loss has grown on 15 %, to 36,6 mlrd rbl. But the company, on the contrary, is ready to increase investments into this segment.

Yesterday the Russian Railway have published the financial reporting on MSFO for first half of 2010. The company net profit has grown in 4,7 times in comparison with the similar period of last year, to 110,5 mlrd rbl. It almost 72,6 % from the net profit earned for all 2009. At growth of volumes of transportation on 13,5 % the gain has increased by 22 %, to 651 mlrd rbl., having made 65 % from an indicator for all 2009. As the senior vice-president of the Russian Railway Vadim Mihajlov has noted in the company message, in the first half of the year 2010 of one of priority problems there was a maintenance of stable financial activity. Including at the expense of reduction of operational expenses. They have increased only by 10 %, to 531,92 mlrd rbl. However, essential was also state support. In comparison with first half of 2009 its volume has grown in 1,8 times, to 32,4 mlrd the rbl.

the Essential contribution to net profit were brought also by decrease twice expenses on debt service, to 7,7 mlrd rbl. Thus the general consolidated debt of the company has decreased slightly - with 405,12 mlrd to 388,62 mlrd rbl. But its structure has essentially changed: the share of short-term debts has decreased with 27,6 to 20,8 %.

Freight traffic has brought the Russian Railway more than 67 % of incomes (438,3 mlrd rbl.) Having provided 64 % of profit to taxes (150,05 mlrd rbl.) . However, in first half of 2009 on them 90 % of profit to the taxation were necessary almost. Decrease in their share is caused by growth of updatings in 2,25 times, to 76,36 mlrd rbl.

And here incomes of passenger transportations only fall. Without grants and indicators of the Federal passenger company (works since April, 1st, 2010) the segment gain has decreased with 63,9 mlrd to 34 mlrd rbl., and the loss has grown with 31,8 mlrd to 36,6 mlrd rbl. As speak in the Russian Railway, high-speed transportations are profitable only. So, Sapsan following the results of all 2010 has brought 5 mlrd gain rbl. that as count in the Russian Railway, will allow to pay back the project for seven - nine years. The company intends to expand this business only. For example, in October, 2010 of the Russian Railway have agreed with Mitsui about 200 thousand delivery t high-speed rails for a total sum of 248,5 million dollars And already in the beginning of this year in the Russian Railway declared that plan to spend 276 million euro for purchase of eight Sapsanov .

But thus the company is ready to put considerable means and in new directions of passenger transportations. a daughter the Russian Railway - the Federal passenger company has signed the contract on delivery of two-storeyed cars on 4 mlrd rbl. (50 cars on a route Adler - Moscow will be used, in particular, during the Olympic Games in Sochi). Also it has appeared that 668 million euro (are used in the international message on the railways of the countries of Europe and Asia) are ready to spend the Russian Railway for 200 new cars of dimension RITS. Them will make at the Tver car-building factory on technology Siemens (the German concern will receive half of sum of the contract). Besides, with the same Siemens in September, 2010 of the Russian Railway have signed the contract on purchase of 16 electric trains Desiro on 173 million euro.