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Volkswagen has arrived to Nizhni Novgorod

On capacities of group GAS the Group GAS which already has agreement on release of cars Daimler and Chevrolet will gather to 100 thousand cars of Volkswagen and Skoda

, has got one more partner. The company has agreed with German Volkswagen about assemblage in Nizhni Novgorod to 100 thousand models of Volkswagen and Skoda.

Which models will be issued at the Nizhniy Novgorod factory, the parties do not disclose, motivating it with that the lineup definitively is not co-ordinated. As has told a source daily, familiar with a course of negotiations, it is now discussed that Skodas Yeti will descend from the automobile conveyor Gaza, Octavia and Fabia, and also Volkswagen Tiguan. According to the interlocutor daily, capacities of the Kaluga factory of Volkswagen releases for manufacture updated Polo.

the Future partners also have declared yesterday that manufacture of models of Volkswagen and Skoda will be organised on a full cycle (includes welding, colouring and assemblage). Will annually gather to 100 thousand cars. the project assumes increase in loading of capacities Gaza, thus Volkswagen will provide a platform doposnastkoj and the equipment corresponding to specificity of manufacture of given models - it is told in the message of the companies. Besides, it is supposed that the German party will carry out training of employees of group GAS, whose number in the project should reach 2,5 thousand persons.

Besides the agreement on assemblage of cars of Volkswagen and group GAS have directed to Ministry of economic development and trade the memorandum of intentions of the cooperation. As they say in the joint message of the future partners, this memorandum confirms interest in new conditions promsborki .

promsborki motor-car manufacturers should submit the Demand for mode reception till February, 28th. To receive privileges on this mode, the companies should make not less than 300 thousand cars, thus localisation level should be increased within six years to 60 %. Mode term will make eight years. Besides, in 30 % of collected cars there should be engines and transmissions of the Russian manufacture. Also the companies should organise in Russia inzhiniringovye the centres. A little affilirovannyh legal bodies can submit the joint demand. Whether

there Will be group a GAS and Volkswagen to create the joint venture, the parties do not speak, specifying that there are some variants of cooperation. The volume of investments is not disclosed. Thus the interlocutor daily has noticed that it will be huge investments . The future partners should sign the definitive agreement in the spring, and manufacture start is planned for the middle of this year. Besides, in the companies notice that the given agreement has terms, however the parties do not sound them, explaining it to that they can exchange.

we Will remind that at group GAS it not the unique partner. Recently the company has informed on cooperation with General Motors and Chevrolet Aveo release, volume of output - 30 thousand cars a year. As speak on Gaza, line Siber will allow to make more than 150 thousand cars in a year of various models. There is at the company one more foreign partner: in December, 2010 GAS has concluded the contract with Daimler on manufacture in Nizhni Novgorod to 25 thousand cars of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter a year.