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The Russian vessels sink in a bureaucratic bog

Today in the Federation Council discuss a condition and problems of civil ship-building branch. For last five years in it there were positive motions, has declared - TV the leading expert of company IK finam Dmitry Baranov. But to leave on stable level, it is required as early as ten years.

Attempts of revival of civil shipbuilding in Russia are, but conditions for a survival practically are not present. Domestic ship builders not only are not capable to rush into a rough competitive world stream, but also to drift in home market. On a bottom pull excessive fiscal loadings. In cost of the Russian vessel of 40 % make taxes. And as a result it appears on 30 % more expensively foreign analogues.

Ship builders groan, say, make taxes less, we do not earn a fantastic sum because process very long, and money is necessary at once — to buy metal, the equipment. Money - that from the customer then we will receive — Dmitry Baranov speaks.

to Finance a vessel construction in Russia there is nobody. Banks are ready to offer shipbuilders only short-term credits under high percent, and to fleet the necessary long money. Then that Russia again that is called, out of competition.

the Credit rate in Russia about 15 %, and in Japan, for example, 3 %. Here is how it is possible to compete to them, having a resource is more expensive in times? Certainly, it is impossible — the operating partner " is indignant; 2 Audit — Business consultations/ Morison International Ivan Andrievsky.

As a result of new domestic courts practically is not present, the existing fleet is worn out already on 80 %, and to buy the foreign ships in enough expensively. It is necessary to serve own sea goods turnover at the expense of foreign gruzoperevozchikov.

We on it lose money when something the we transport. We could leave money in the country, transporting it on the Russian courts, but we do not do it, because at us courts are not present or at them any problems — Dmitry Baranov from IK " explains; finam .

Thus experts mark: means for ship builders are. In budget OSK the next four years — more than 22 mlrd the dollars Here only forvater are not laid — as it is real this money will reach branch. Without emergency joint efforts of legislators and business the Russian shipbuilding will go on a bottom not at ocean, and in a bureaucratic bog.