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Fellini`s road

At an exhibition in Multimedia Art Muzee

Wonderful coincidence — always a good sign in art. An exhibition under the name Fellini. The grandee - parade devoted to the great director, has opened exactly in 90 years from the date of a birth of its main muse — Juliettes Maziny.

In Multimedia of Art the Museum about this date knew nothing, and the exposition created by curator Sam Sturdze, was ready for a long time and already was exposed abroad. And in Moscow, as always, there was no space. Now it is quite enough of it: under photos, drawings, magazines, posters, fragments from films and movie tests and even the book of dreams of Fellini have taken away the whole two floors of a museum.

Fellini. The grandee - parade — it first of all an exhibition - impression. As the corner-stone Sam Sturdze has put sensation of completeness of life which was propagandised the creativity by the Italian director. And it is literally from each corner of exhibition space known melodies of films of Fellini are audible. On white screens fragments from films, everywhere razveshany raznojazykie posters are broadcast, trombones and timpani &mdash are audible; all it really very much bears a strong resemblance to parade. For those who wants to look at heroes Fellini and to listen to their Italian speech in loneliness, small screens with ear-phones are conceived. At each mood — the cinema.

the Exhibition in MAMM intentionally avoids any chronology. It consists of the sections devoted to even not separate creations of Fellini, and themes which interested the director all life. Women, circus, fate - n - a beater, dreams, religion, love to the bright illustrated press. Last, by the way, at an exhibition great variety. Fellini as any great artist, derived the inspiration from real life. And this it found life on pages Tempo and L ’ Espresso it is easy to that to find out acknowledgement directly at an exhibition. However, Fellini did not remain with the press in a debt, having thought up the well-known definition paparazzi and having left descendants nominal dolche vita .

Besides the press illustrating improbable, even unimaginable now cleanliness of an epoch of Fellini, the partially not published drawings of the director have got to an exposition, and also preljubopytnejshaja the book of dreams. Between Federiko Fellini`s 1960 and 1990 years according to the advice of the psychoanalyst sketched and described the dreams in two big albums. The semimystical document looks author`s movie tests at all less, than real movie tests, fragments from which are shown in an exposition.

In this variety actually photos even as - that are lost. Though the curator managed to communicate practically with all photographers working for Fellini on shootings. Here there are pictures of Perluidzhi, Ronald, Deborah Bir`s Field. Some shots can smile infinitely. For example, to on what Federiko Fellini with rare pleasure eats greedily the Italian pizza.