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The prince and the beggar

In Oscar race bookmakers put on films the King speaks and the Social network

Ceremony of delivery of the award Oscar will take place on Sunday in Los - Andzhelese. According to the data of bookmaker offices, the main favourites — stories how the British prince has overcome the stutter, and how poor students became billionaires, — films the King speaks and the Social network .

According to bookmaker company William Hill, in a nomination the Best film chances (1 to 5) hardly above at Toma Hupera tape about formation of informal conversation of British monarch George VI. And here in director`s — small advantage at the director the Social network David Finchera (4 to 7). But in a man`s actor`s nomination Kolin Ferta`s advantage, the played George VI, simply suppressing — And before Dzhessi Ajzenbergom which have played in a tape about Facebook, and before James Franko ( 127 hours ). Rates on its victory 1 to 66, whereas at competitors 25 to 1 and 20 to 1 accordingly.

Both favourites have appeared are dissolved by destiny in scenary nominations and are in the lead everyone in the: the King speaks — among applicants for an award for the scenario original, and the Social network — for the adapted. Helena Bonem Carter and Jeffrey Rush, Kolin Ferta`s partners, are presented in minor actor`s nominations, and actors from the Social network here have not got at all (however, chances of awards here all the same above at Christian Bejla and Melissy Leo, played in the Fighter — on them rates 1 to 6 and 2 to 5). In a female nomination the highest chances at Natali Portman ( the Black swan ) — 1 to 16. It is followed by Annett Bening ( Children are perfectly in order ) — 7 to 1. Representatives of two favourites in this nomination are absent because of absence in aforementioned films of the main woman`s roles.

Statistics of other bookmaker, company Bwin, approximately same. Unless advantage of Ferta in an actor`s nomination even more impressing. Besides, at Toma Hupera tape hardly above chances to receive Oscar for the best music. And in a camera nomination the drama about the king is estimated above, than a drama about students. However, two favourites here take last positions. And is in the lead the Grip of steel brothers Cohen.

In a nomination the Best film in a foreign language all is more difficult. Advances competitors Bjutiful Alehandro Gonsalesa Injarritu (Mexico). On its victory of the rate accept with factor 2,00. But on the second place — Danish Revenge received this year the Gold globe . Its chances too are high enough — 3,75. With the same success an award can hand over and to the film which has made a noise at the Cannes festival of Rashida Bushareba Out of the law (France), and the Greek picture the Canine and Canadian pogoreltsy .

But, seemingly, the spectator trusts in Bjutiful . At least, William Hill accepts the rates, concerning played at Injarritu Javier Bardema. In particular, it is offered to solve, whether there will be Bardem and Penelopa Krus to be photographed together on a red path, whether the actor will thank the spouse on - ispanski in case of a victory and whether he will play the villain in the following series of a Bondiana.