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Chocolates in one basket

It is sweet and factory of Krupsky unite

Norwegian Orkla Brands the Confectionery factory of Krupsky and " has merged the Russian actives in one company with a turn in 6,8 mlrd rbl.; It is sweet will be united in the uniform organisation under the general management. The new company will keep old brands, and the administrative personnel waits considerable reduction.

Process of integration of two enterprises has come to the end. The new company begins work today, has informed yesterday Orkla Brands. Goods turnover of incorporated division Orkla Brends Russia will make nearby 6,8 mlrd rbl. the Staff - the apartment will settle down in St.-Petersburg. it is sweet whose floor spaces settle down in Ekaterinburg and Ulyanovsk, belongs Orkla since 2005, and the Petersburg factory of Krupsky - since 2006.

On a post of the general director of incorporated division Orkla Brends Russia Vadim Ter - Israeljan is appointed. Since 2007 it held a post of the general director It is sweet . The general director " became the Chairman of board of directors; Orkla Brends Interneshional the Floor of Jordal.

Thus as have informed daily in Orkla Brends Russia Filip Uej heading since 2007 Confectionery factory of Krupsky, to work in the incorporated company will not be. It passes to work in company Jotun (the manufacturer of paints) where will be responsible for building of new factory near Petersburg.

Except Ueja the company will be left approximately by half of its present administrative board. to supervise Orkla Brends Russia there will be a new command. It on 50 % will consist of managers It is sweet half more will be made by managers from Krupsky - has informed daily the manager on external relations of factory of Krupsky Olga Agafonova. As to brands they will remain and will develop further in the Russian market. we are adjusted to keep as a brand It is sweet and Krupsky - Olga Agafonova has noted.

Experts positively estimate association of large confectionery brands. it is sweet - a strong brand at federal level, and Krupsky is more known in the market of Petersburg and regions Severo - the West. Both brands have loyal consumers. Having united sales, it will be easier to advance It is sweet on Severo - the West, and Krupsky - in the Russian market - the senior analyst IFK " considers; Metropol Tatyana Bobrovsky. However, according to the expert, the portfolio of brands in small scale, most likely, will undergo to optimisation. Some products are crossed, therefore without optimisation of a portfolio of brands not to manage - Tatyana Bobrovsky speaks.

Earlier experts estimated annual volume of the Russian confectionery market approximately in 12 mlrd dollars Thus, the share of the new company on it after association of two actives will make about 1,9 %. The leader of this market, by data . Market researches the company " is; Mars from shares in 5 %.