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Have given half a year

the State Customs Committee Russia will be aktsionirovana by September

Under the promise of the head of the State Customs Committee Russia the Novel of Pahomova, aktsionirovanie airlines will come to the end by September, 2010 that will allow to begin association of this carrier with Aeroflot . As has declared today g - n Pahomov on a press - conferences, now the working commission considers legal, organizational, financial questions of formalisation of the plan aktsionirovanija. It is required to estimate also cost of business of the State Customs Committee Russia .

to Spend aktsionirovanie the State Customs Committee Russia and the subsequent association with Aeroflot of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin on Tuesday has charged to the minister of transport Igor Levitinu. Simultaneously with it it will be spent and aktsionirovanie two more aviation FGUPov - the companies Kavminvody and the Orenburg airlines . Now these actives, on a level with Vladivostokavia The Saratov airlines and the Sakhalin air routes are under state corporation control Rostehnologii but within 2010 they should pass under control Aeroflot .

As earlier told sources daily, transferred in Aeroflot actives can be estimated in 200 million dollars, and Rostehnologii as a result of this transaction can receive about 10 % of actions of the largest Russian carrier. According to Romana Pahomova, at the initial stage association of airlines will be realised in the form of an alliance, and Aeroflot will receive attached actives in management. Thus in the State Customs Committee future Russia becomes Petersburg a daughter Aeroflot . It is planned that the government of St.-Petersburg will receive blocking share holding of the State Customs Committee Russia .