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John Travolta in the insurgent " is armed and especially fine

; From Paris with love

the Film was removed by director Pierre Morel, the protege of the Hatch Besson. Mister Besson has acted here in a role of the producer, however, as well as in the previous projects of Morelja ( 13 - j area the Hostage ) . Here shoot much and blow up, quickly run and with gusto fight, is both romantic, and detective lines. But the main advantage of a picture - presence in it of John Travolta in a role of the moron on CIA service.

carefully shaved hlyshch Richard (Dzhonatan Rice - Myers) works in embassy of the USA in France. It is clasped on all buttons, and life at it the same sad: the good car, apartment in prestigious area, the French mistress and promotion prospect. Therefore hlyshch dreams absolutely of other share - romantic nature asks works on investigation. Very long further installation zhuchka in someone`s office business did not go. But here once to it call and inform: has come true! The partner together with whom they and will be now true knights of a raincoat and a dagger goes to Paris. The workmate, truth, has got stuck at the airport at customs, and Richard, having offered a romantic supper, goes it to get out.

from this point on its life changes for ever. At Richard`s airport the citizen from fictions, and bald quarrelsome muzhik Charlie Vaks (John Travolta) expects not modest in appearance. At first it arranges uproar at customs, then during a supper on the occasion of acquaintance passes to pogrom at the Chinese restaurant. And, at last, hands over stunned hlyshchu a vase under Gzhel up to the top hammered by cocaine, also carries away in bloody travel on the Parisian brothels. Knights should find and vykosit without remainder for a gang of drug dealers which have sold poor-quality cocaine to a daughter of the high-ranking American politician. A daughter, without having calculated a dose, has died, and the father thirsts for revenges for the state account.

Pierre Morel is able to shoot action films so vigorously what to reflect, and to what it is everything, simply there is no time. The Parisian dormitory area will carry into smithereens, cocaine will fall down from a ceiling with the Siberian intensity, the set of cars will blow up, the unlimited quantity of bad guys (and someone will simply stupidly beat) will be destroyed. Also will suffer the Chinese mafia, Corsican shpana, the Arabian terrorists, will get to danger and the delegation of representatives of the countries " will escape; G8 led by the delegate from the USA - and all it quickly, efficiently, without special chewings.

in this film suffices also humour. For example, very gracefully authors have finished with hateful image Paris - a love city . Say, any American can find here sexually attractive Frenchwoman who will sew an evening dress from its curtains, and then itself will propose and will present a ring. Even the ambassador of the USA is excited not with foreign policy and with whom from two secretaries the Minister for Foreign Affairs (well certainly, with both sleeps!) . And all this sugary image will scatter under the pressure of real life (read - the bald quarrelsome muzhik) - it is impossible to relax, behind a mask of a sheep the lion disappeared, the Arabian terrorist can appear and from whom for it at all you do not wait.

but the most remarkable is John Travolta, whose bear charm only amplifies with the years. To it very much there is an image of the slovenly citizen with disgusting manners, and this image it to some extent cultivates in different films, and it is unessential in insurgents. Even in a melodrama Michael belokrylyj the angel smoked it, belched and went in a vest - the alcoholic. Already not very well, it scratches under wings or drags with itself cocaine vases and parks on hearing, in its execution it always looks impressively.