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Hiddink remains

the Dutch trainer the New president of the Russian football union (RFS) Sergey Fursenko will supervise over a national team till the summer

has met the instructor of a national team of Russia. It has been decided that the Dutch expert remains at a wheel of our command till July, 2010 while its contract will not end.

now Hiddink has some offers from various clubs and national teams, however he intends to fulfil the contract with RFS up to the end. Next Sunday it together with Sergey Fursenko will go to Warsaw on the Euro toss-up - 2012, and will prepare later a national team for a match in Budapest month.

fund National academy of football (NAF) while has not reacted in any way to a yesterday`s meeting. But it is possible to assume that financing of the contract of the Dutch will proceed in full. Meanwhile the majority of experts tend to that Guus Hiddink anyway will fulfil the contract up to the end. And hardly it would be logical to postpone from new management RFS the decision of so serious question for a national team longer, than for a month. That fact is important also that in case of preschedule cancellation of the contract it should to pay to Hiddink the penalty at a rate of 3 million euro, and already from the budget of the Russian football union, instead of from pocket NAF.

Is, the truth, one nuance: at Hiddink`s contract there is a point according to which the Dutch expert can terminate it in case of a Russian national team absenteeism in a final part of the World championship in the republic of South Africa. But times this question were lifted till now by the trainer, it is possible to count that it will not arise and further.