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Fate in the terminal

the State lotto will replace a casino

In the end of February users can pay rates on the State lotto through 97 thousand payment terminals Qiwi. Appealing to the western experience, in the State lotto hope for success which will give 110 million dollars for a year.

in the end of the last year Open Company Orgloto (a brand the State lotto ) Has concluded the contract on strategic cooperation with the Lotto the Integrator on placing on all country of the game program the State lotto in payment terminals of Incorporated system of instant payments (OSMP, brand Qiwi). The system of an electronic lottery has passed test check on terminals in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Tolyatti, and from the end of February leaves on 97 thousand terminals on all country.

to pay the rate the State lotto it is enough to make pair klikov on the monitor, and a prize to receive through the Private office Qiwi or to transfer to itself into account.

at realisation of the rate to the user the check about reception of money, and then - the lottery receipt with a unique key stands out. The second piece of paper also is required for prize reception. The sums to 1 thousand rbl. are enlisted on a private office the user, and from above - can stand out cash or be enlisted on the chosen personal account.

The General director Orgloto Alexander Zasypkin notices that their company will provide serious marketing support to the new channel of sales Orgloto to accustom potential buyers to pay rates through electronic terminals. In it as counts g - n Zasypkin, the state status of a lottery should help.

as the director for marketing " marks; Orgloto Denis Kusenkov, till February 2010 - go it is high-grade the network from 8,5 thousand traditional points of sales where the rate was made out through unique lottery terminals functioned. It is expected that the additional gain will average 100 rbl. a day from one terminal. Thus, Orgloto plans to receive on the average 110 million dollars a year. What percent of commission fee will receive Qiwi, Denis Kusenkov does not disclose.

by the way, since September, 2009 the lottery tickets through electronic terminals the company " already sells; Russian lotto . The General director of the company Russian lotto Elmurod Rasulmuhamedov declares that the monthly turn from their realisation tirazhnyh lotteries has made 12 million rbl. - 7 % from a total turnover tirazhnyh company lotteries.

according to the head of committee of payment systems and Boris Kima`s bank tools NAUET, at the lottery market with use of electronic terminals in Russia prospects are, but it is necessary to reduce number of players in a segment and to increase trust percent to them from players.

the general director of the company the Lotto the Integrator Natalia Linkova notices that in the West it is accepted to buy once a week lottery tickets, for people this entertainment . Our lottery market gradually grows on the culture to western, there are lottery brands checked up by time, but level of trust of the population is not so high yet - she adds.