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Rostelecom the incorporated company comes back to a stock exchange

can pass listing in London or New York

By April, 2011 united Rostelecom can undergo listing procedure on one of foreign stock exchanges, including on London (LSE), Nju - Jorksky or Hong Kong. Analysts say that Rostelecom is guided first of all by large investment funds which are interested in the companies with the big capitalisation, actively bargaining on a stock exchange.

united Rostelecom by April, 2011 intend to undergo listing procedure at one or several foreign stock exchanges, the general director " has told to journalists; Svyazinvest Evgenie Jurchenko on the Forum Russia the companies the Three Dialogue . Negotiations with a management of stock exchanges and preparation for listing will be conducted in parallel with re-structuring of actives Svyazinvest .

Under the law the Russian companies can place on foreign platforms to 25 % of the actions, however Rostelecom took place in New York before introduction of this restriction, therefore it does not extend on the company. After Rostelecom will receive listing on LSE or other platform, the Russian holders ordinary and company preference shares can exchange them on depozitarnye the receipts which are quoted abroad.

in December of last year Rostelecom declared the beginning delistinga American depozitarnyh receipts (ADR) the second level (on Nju - the Jorksky stock exchange bargains about 5 % of shares of company), however will continue to support program ADR of the first level.

actions Rostelecom look logical - now shares of company are not so interesting to large investment funds which, as a rule, have a number of requirements on liquidity. In particular, actions of the emitter should bargain actively at a stock exchange, and the volume of the auctions should be such that for some days it was possible to throw off or buy up from the share market at least on some millions dollars. The incorporated company will quite meet these requirements - the analyst " speaks; Three Dialogue Evgenie Golosnoj. After the incorporated company will be generated, it becomes clear, what share in its share capital remains at the state. Depending on this share the decision on placing of a part of these actions at a stock exchange can be accepted, argues g - n Golosnoj. the Auction for the Megaphone

Svyazinvest carries on negotiations for share purchase in the Megaphone the first deputy of the general director of holding Alexander Provotorov has confirmed yesterday. we have a certain dialogue in very preliminary stage - it has explained. Also, as he said, Svyazinvest Continues negotiations about purchase of Volga region operator smarts, however they while are far from any finishing stage . We really looked and we continue to look some actives. But recently anything especial does not occur under these transactions - he has noted. In the course of reorganisation Svyazinvest cellular daughters holding it is planned to unite in one company. Reorganisation assumes strengthening of positions of holding in the market of cellular communication at the expense of acquisitions. One of priority variants in Svyazinvest consider share acquisition in one of large cellular operators.

Svyazinvest will increase kapzatraty

Svyazinvest plans to increase capital expenses in 2010 by 40,2 %, to 46 mlrd this year the holding plans 86,2 % of means to enclose rbl. in business development, 13,8 % - on maintenance of objects of communication. 52 % from total amount of means are planned to invest in development of broadband access to the Internet and IT - services, 32,3 % - in building of lines of data transmission, 8,2 % - in development of a traditional telephony. Svyazinvest plans to reduce till the end of this year a debt portfolio of group to 20,1 %, to 95,6 mlrd rbl. For January, 1st, 2010 a debt portfolio Svyazinvest has made 119,7 mlrd rbl. that on 16,1 % it is less, than year before. 86 % of a debt of holding are rouble, 12 % - 2 % - in euro are nominated in dollars.


the Incorporated Rostelecom aspires on a stock exchange