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Clever men break records

in 2009 smart phones remained popular, despite crisis

In the fourth quarter 2009 the quantity of the sold smart phones in the world has reached a record point, having exceeded an indicator of the similar period of last year on 39 %. Analysts consider that during the current year smart phones become even more popular thanks to new operating systems from Microsoft, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

For last three months 2009 in the world the record quantity of smart phones has been sold, analysts IDC have counted up. According to the company, following the results of the fourth quarter in the world it has been sold 54,5 million smart phones that on 39 % it is more in comparison with the similar period of 2008.

thus all in 2009 it has been sold 174,2 million phones that on 15,1 % there is more than indicator of 2008. The share of smart phones following the results of last year has made 15,4 % of the market of mobile phones as a whole. Per 2008 the share of such devices has made 12,7 % in numerical expression.

according to analysts, the increase in deliveries became a consequence of two factors: increases in demand at devices with wider funktsionalom, than calls and exchange SMS - messages, from consumers. Also the great influence on popularity of smart phones has rendered occurrence of systems Google Android and WebOS. In 2010, under forecasts of experts, the exit of new versions of systems Windows and Symbian will provoke one more jump of sales clever phones .

Following the results of 2009 the leader among sellers of smart phones became Finnish Nokia c a share of the market of 45 %. On the second place - Korean Samsung, the occupied 27 % of the market. HTC, supervising 10 % of the market, has taken the third place.

in Russia the market of smart phones also has appeared out of crisis. Despite reduction of volumes of the market of cellular telephones in our country more than on 20 %, the segment of smart phones and communicators has shown growth, consider in research company MForum Analytics. By estimates of analysts, the sales volume of smart phones and communicators following the results of 2009 in piece expression has made 4,4 million Growth of sales volumes in piece expression concerning 2008 has made 28 %, in money terms the sales volume has increased by 13 %. An in the lead position in the market of smart phones and communicators continues to occupy Nokia - the share of the manufacturer in market volumes in piece expression following the results of 2009 has made 45 %.