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Unnecessary Kovykta

Gazprom otkreshchivaetsja from a deposit

Gazprom does not need resources of the Kovyktinsky deposit for the organisation of export of gaz in the countries Asian - Pacific region (ATR). On it has informed a press - monopoly services referring to the head of the company Alexey Miller. Earlier it was supposed that the part of gas with Kovykty will be delivered to the Irkutsk region, however the basic volumes of extraction planned to direct to the countries ATR.

Powerful resource base Gazprom in Western Siberia, and further formed by the company in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) gazodobychi perspective requirements of the countries ATR for the Russian natural gas allow to satisfy the new centre. Necessities of attraction for these purposes of resources of gas of other east regions of Russia, including Kovyktinsky GKM in the Irkutsk region, do not arise - Alexey Miller at meeting concerning the organisation of deliveries of gas in the countries ATR has told.

In the beginning of February the chief executive of the multinational corporation - VR Victor Vekselberg has promised that Kovykta all will strongly surprise . In the company have noticed that negotiations about deposit purchase on - former are conducted. while the transaction on occurrence Gazprom prepares, but vjalotekushche - the official of one of profile departments has confirmed. In September of last year g - n Miller declared that development of the Kovyktinsky deposit anyway will take place . The question only in terms of its realisation, was marked by him.

in 2007 of the multinational corporation - VR, Gazprom and VR have signed the memorandum of mutual understanding in which frameworks the multinational corporation - VR should sell gas monopoly the share (62,9 % of actions) in the operator of the project and the owner of the licence for deposit working out - Rusia Petroleum . Originally the sum of transaction was estimated in 700-900 million dollars However till now the transaction not closed. Stocks of the Kovyktinsky deposit are estimated approximately in 2 trln by cubic m of gas and more than 83 million t a gas condensate.

at Gazprom now really there is no requirement in kovyktinskom gas, the director of department Due Diligence NKG " speaks; 2 Audit - Business consultations Alexander Shtok. Home market of deficiency does not test, deliveries to the European market last year have seriously fallen. Today demand comes back, however, considering powerful development of new technologies on gas production, the competition in the world gas market will sharply increase already in the near future.

acquisition of the preserved deposit in so uncertain situation assumes huge risks for Gazprom . Its refusal of purchase can reanimate a question on licence withdrawal which has been kept at the multinational corporation - VR only at the expense of expected sale of gas monopoly, the expert considers. Especially, considering extraction volumes on a deposit, to sell all gas extracted here at the multinational corporation - VR alone it will not turn out - agreements with " are necessary; Gazprom .

Last last year has been compelled to reduce extraction, and additional volumes from independent manufacturers obviously it is not required to it. Thus, the multinational corporation - VR can face again a former problem - it is necessary to extract, and there is no place to put, marks g - n the Rod. As a result the licence can be all - taki Rosnedrami is withdrawn, and the basic applicant for its working out again will be Gazprom which can receive a deposit on more favourable conditions.

Julia Nazarov

Rosprirodnadzor will check up Kovyktu