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The erasing printer

PrePeat RP - 3100 II

That is written by a feather - will not cut down an axe, and here that is printed on the new printer of company Sanwa Newtec, without problems is erased, releasing a place for new listings.

engineers from the rising sun Country have presented printer PrePeat RP - 3100 II, not needing cartridges, as jet and laser analogues, and in addition saving pages. The work principle consists that the unpacked image is put not on a paper, and on the polymeric sheets of format 4 outwardly similar to the usual paper sensitive to high temperature. Drawing of symbols or images is carried out by moving of a thermoprinting head.

replacement of a usual paper on reusable the analogue does not reduce quality or speed of the press, but allows to bring the contribution to environment protection. In a tray it is possible to put the used sheets. Button pressing erase the printer will erase available text. And if to press next - erase and print, that, cleaning the old information, the printer also there and then will print the new. One sheet can pass to 1000 cycles of deleting/ the press.

the printer has also minuses. While the device can print only in is black - a white mode. And the price bites - itself PrePeat RP - 3100 II costs about 5,5 thousand dollars, for a pack of a polymeric paper from 1000 sheets it is necessary to lay out 3,3 thousand more green .