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Laser calculations

Computers Scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology will use light instead of an electricity

have declared creation of the advanced source of laser radiation on a basis germanija. It is declared that in the future the technology will allow to make computers on the chips using for data transmission and calculations light instead of an electricity.

value of working out consists that the length of light waves of such laser is suitable for the first time for so-called optical communications. Any more without saying that is the first similar laser working at room temperature.

unlike the materials usually used in sources of laser radiation, semimetal extended enough in the nature germany with its unique the ­ stvami allows not to invent a bicycle. It will simply successfully be entered in already existing process of manufacture of microcircuits, having got new quality: The matter is that as the semiconductor germany already well-known and almost all large manufacturers of microcircuits and so have already started to use it in manufacture of chips as the layer of this chemical element considerably increases their speed. Its application in a role of a laser source will give on an exit increase in productivity of chips at sharp decrease in power inputs.


Computing capacities of microcircuits grow, and there is a necessity in high ­ high-speed channels for data transmission in memory. Meanwhile usual electric communications limit such data exchange by the big expenses of energy. Nai ­ more successful decision, according to physicists, consists in transition to the laser which thanks to concentration of light in narrow, but a powerful bunch in this sense is much more effective than an electricity. However such technology of frames ­ it is given only by working out of a cheap way embeddings Optical components in silicon chips.

and here now the group of scientists of Massachusetts has, seemingly, managed to reduce the price considerably of such modernisation of microcircuits - and this with the fact that use possibility germanija as source of radiation for data transmission basically was exposed to the big doubt.

Was considered that such semiconductor under no circumstances will not radiate laser light - tells Jurgen Mihel, the head of group on studying of electronic materials of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the leading expert of the project on germaniju. Head of this project professor Lajonel Kimerling adds that the opinion has taken roots so that teachers of profile high schools present to its students almost as an axiom. However the science is not necessary on a place.


Researchers have offered at once two ways of reduction elektronov germanija in a high-energy condition in which those start to let out photons - elementary particles of light. The first way consists in an arrangement on germanii atoms of phosphorus, reacting with which, semimetal and starts to radiate powerful concentrated light. Americans have half in jest christened this method a dope.

the second strategy consisted in reduction of a power difference between two zones of conductivity when elektrony germanija pass from a condition bolshej energy in a condition smaller with emission of photons. To achieve it to researchers small modernisation of the usual technology applied in manufacture of chips has helped.

many know that microcircuit manufacturing is a process in which course layers of various materials take place on a silicon substrate. And so at layer drawing germanija on silicon it was possible to researchers it is artificial to stretch the semiconductor. Drawing process occurred at high temperatures, and at cooling silicon was compressed not so strongly, as germany. As a result atoms germanija have settled down a bit further from each other, than in natural state. The corner and length of communications between semiconductor particles have changed that has led to change of the energy necessary for hit elektronov in a zone of conductivity - that is there was that difference necessary for occurrence of light.

the advanced method of drawing germanija on silicon, namely extension germanija by manufacture of chips, is opening of our research group - Lajonel Kimerling rejoices. Meanwhile scientists - innovatory have already declared that at all advantages of its new technology, of course, still it will be necessary to finish to mind from the point of view of power efficiency. But as soon as it will be made, Laser chips can be used in practice - for a prorecension ­ stva high-efficiency computers of following generation.