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Banks Severo - the West reduce rates

In fight for client portfolios

Against situation stabilisation in economy the Petersburg banks this year are going to increase corporate portfolios and volume of involved means of clients. The market of corporate crediting of Severo - the West in 2010 can increase by 10-15 %, experts consider. Approximately same growth can be expected and on volume of client means. Cςΰβκθ will continue falling, and crediting terms will be extended, after all to the enterprises which will start to be restored and defreeze the projects, longer money be required.

the corporate portfolio of Severo - the Western bank of the Savings Bank on the beginning of 2010 has made 253,865 mlrd rbl. “ The bank has planned a gain of a credit portfolio on 20 % this year first of all at the expense of transition of a part of stable clients to service and crediting in the Savings Bank, and also as a result of an exit of available borrowers on indicators pre-crisis or close to them “ - have informed in bank.

according to the head of management business - development and bank coordination “ VTB Severo - the West “ Elenas Zulinoj, growth of the market of crediting SZFO in 2010 will be at level of 7-10 %. Itself “ VTB Severo - the West “ expects to increase a corporate portfolio in 1,5-2 times (the volume of credits to the enterprises which have been given out by bank in 2009, has made 268 mlrd rbl.) .

situation Improvement in economy has already caused growth of demand for credit resources and growth of the market of corporate crediting. “ now actively there is a restoration of the market of crediting, but to wait for pre-crisis volumes it is not necessary. Presumably, in 2010 growth will make about 15 % “ - considers operating branch “ Baltic “ Investtorgbanka Igor Jakovlev. As have informed in bank “ St.-Petersburg “ there expect to increase volume of a credit portfolio by 10-15 % (for January, 1st the volume of a portfolio of corporate credits has made 152 mlrd rbl.). Depending on rates of restoration of economy growth of a credit portfolio of the International bank of St.-Petersburg (MBSP) can make to 40 %, the vice-president of bank Maksud Kuprov (on preliminary results of 2009, credit portfolio MBSP has made 21,3 mlrd rbl.) has informed .

According to the head of department of corporate business in Tatyana Lagutenko`s Petersburg branch Svedbanka if not to take into consideration the state banks, the total amount of corporate crediting in 2010 will not grow more than on 5-10 %. Svedbank plans smaller growth as its Swedish shareholders continue to conduct the careful and weighed policy. “ I do not think that in 2010 the credit policy of banks (the approach to pledges, the analysis and an estimation of risks) will change, - Tatyana Lagutenko marks. - Experience of 2009 was too evident for all bank community when the financial result of very many banks was negatively affected by the size of the huge created reserves “.

Current year will most accurately reveal the basic tendencies in sphere of bank crediting: Private banks will be compelled to solve a question of liberalisation of credit conditions and decrease in interest rates in the conditions of uncertainty and search of fair cost of credit risks, marks g - n Jakovlev. “ it is obvious that with the two-place interest rate effective development of our economy is impossible. However preconditions for the nearest period for an establishment of rates on crediting below 12 %, in my opinion, no. Most likely falling of credit rates will stop at level of 14-15 % at crediting in roubles for one year “ - Igor Jakovlev adds.

the Tendency to decrease in base interest rates under credits to corporate clients will proceed, and the next six months they will decrease on 1-1,5 %, thus crediting terms will be gradually extended, marks g - zha Zulina. “ the Competition for the good borrower is conducted both at level of rates, and at level of risks. Here again among the moments which excite today many participants of the corporate market, it is necessary to mention a dumping from the banks which have passed sanitation. Having received cheap public funds­, they can finance under lower rates, winning in competitive struggle against market players “ - Maksud Kuprov pays attention.

As to attraction of means of clients here banks expect positive dynamics. In “ VTB Severo - the West “ predict growth of client resources in bank sector of Severo - the West this year at level about 10 %. At the further decrease in credit rates percent on deposits will decrease.

“ in 2010 the scenario of gradual growth of volume of the involved means of corporate clients in Severo - the Western region basically at the expense of a depositary resource in the conditions of the limited quantity of effective objects for investments of means " is most probable; - have informed in Severo - the Western Savings Bank which following the results of a year occupied 16 % in the market of attraction of means of corporate clients of region. The total amount of the means of corporate clients involved with bank into accounts, in deposits and securities on the beginning of 2010 has made 103,6 mlrd rbl., having increased for a year by 7 %.

“ VTB Severo - the West “ in 2009 has increased volume of the involved resources of corporate clients by 30 %, to 138 mlrd rbl. Corporate clients traditionally tried to place means for short terms and under the greatest possible percent. The basic share of passives are the means placed for the term up to three months, Elena Zulina tells.

this year struggle for means of clients only will amplify that should be reflected in aspiration of banks to offer the most favourable conditions, Tatyana Lagutenko marks. In 2010 she also waits for the general decrease in rates the basic precondition for which will be the further decrease the in refinancing rate by Bank of Russia.