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Bad credits fly lower

consider in Bank of Russia

the Share of the re-structured credits under the largest loans does not exceed 30 %, the director of department of bank regulation and supervision of the Central Bank Alexey Simanovsky has informed today. As he said, it is a question of an indicator of 30 largest loans of all bank system. Following the results of January of current year a share bad credits will not differ from that that was following the results of last year and remains in a corridor 25 - 30 %, transfers Alexey Simanovsky`s words agency the Prime - TASS .

In January the volume of crediting without the Savings Bank was a little reduced: on the companies and the enterprises on 0,3 %, and on physical persons - on 0,4 %. Nevertheless, in opinion g - on Simanovsky, crediting growth can be observed in the first quarter of current year.

Relative density of the delayed debts will not grow in the first half of the year and remains at level of the beginning of year - 5,4 %, Alexey Simanovsky considers. As he said, the general tendency in the relation bad credits flies lower. The delayed debts for January, 1st, 2010 have made 5,4 % (without the Savings Bank), loans of the fourth and fifth category of quality - 8,7 % (without the Savings Bank).

the re-structuring Share big enough, - believes analyst IK Sovlink Olga Belenkaja. - unfortunately, there is no more detailed breakdown on re-structuring conditions. The most simple variants of re-structuring - prolongation of credits and currency change. It is natural that each of variants assumes different risks . In this connection it is difficult to understand, from these re-structured credits the bank system can return what part, marks g - zha White.