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Behind money for the East

the MAYOR prepares projects for investors from Singapore, China and Japan

While investors in the West overestimate risks of work in Russia, in the White house search for investors in the east. On Friday of the deputy minister of economic development Andrey Slepnev has held session of interdepartmental working group with participation of the Russian companies on selection of investment projects for the Asian investors. According to the source daily in Ministry of economic development and trade (MAYOR), projects are selected taking into account interests of investors from Singapore: it is a question about tens billions dollars.

according to the source daily, investment projects in the MAYOR were discussed with participation of representatives of the Russian Railway, “ Rusala “ “ a Mechel “ and the Sheremetyevo. Everyone could offer the project on court of investors from Singapore. Thus the interdepartmental working group prepares investment projects and for investors of China and Japan. “ There are certain arrangements between the Ministries of Economics of these countries and Russia. They speak, projects can draw of what sort attention of their investors, and we already carry out selection of such projects, - has explained a source. - Japan infrastructural projects interest: roads, ports, and also mining. Singapore - biotechnologies “. Russia expects to offer the Chinese partners projects on manufacture of consumer goods that as our interlocutor has underlined, to reduce “ grey “ import from Heavenly Empire. “ in addition we are ready to give green light for investment in ports, agriculture and the food-processing industry, - continues a source daily in the MAYOR. - cost of projects varies from 150 million to 1 mlrd dollars, and a total volume of investments - ten billions dollars “.

On Friday, according to our interlocutor, it has been presented an order of ten scale investment projects. “ The Russian Railway are interested in attraction of investors in “ the Russian Railway - the System “ PGK and “ the Transcontainer “ which will be privatised the next two years, - has explained a source. - “ a Mechel “ presented the project on working out of the Elginsky coal deposit ­ in Yakutia with stocks 2,1 mlrd t coal “. The Sheremetyevo ­­ presented the program of building of the international airport in Vladivostok­, and “ Rusal “ - the program of building of Boguchansky power metallurgical ­ association.

interest to investments from Singapore show also Incorporated industrial corporation (working out of the Elegestsky coal deposit), and “ Itera “ (Srednevolzhsky and Pogromnensky coal-fields). “ Orenburgugol “ focuses investors on participation in building of power station and the enterprise for allocation of precious and rare-earth metals from brown coal.

According to the interlocutor daily, in April to Moscow visit of officials from Ministry of Economics of China to which concrete investment projects will be presented is expected. “ in the summer within the limits of the first session of the intergovernmental commission of Russia and Singapore investment projects for local investors will be presented, - has explained a source daily in the MAYOR. - these projects will be presented by the head of governmental body Sergey Sobjanin “.

In “ a Mechel “ and “ Rusale “ have refused to comment on presentations of projects in Ministry of economic development and trade. Nevertheless, as has explained a source in one of the companies - organizers of presentation, they participated in session not for the sake of search of strategic investors, and “ have simply responded to the request of the authorities to comply foreigners “.