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Zdraste, Boris Abramych

SKP wants to open branches abroad for those who in search

the Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) suggests to enter institute of foreign representatives. As it became known daily, the corresponding document is already directed on consideration to the government. Necessity of long business trips for department explain a political involvement of law enforcement bodies of some countries. Experts doubt expediency of such offer.

“ figurants of variety of the criminal cases investigated by the Russian inspectors, have found refuge abroad where also have translated means criminally acquired in Russia, - the head of department has told daily is international - legal cooperation (UMPS) SKP Michael Jadrov. - In criminal prosecution of these persons our foreign colleagues, unfortunately, frequently search for political underlying reason. Therefore we should explain competently to them an inaccuracy of such approaches, and it is difficult debatable process “.

For dialogue simplification to some countries it is planned to direct special representatives SKP. “ Together with the Main thing organizational - inspection management we have prepared and have directed to the country leaders of the offer on changes in Position about SKP concerning introduction of institute of foreign representatives “ - speaks g - n Jadrov.

While own representatives abroad at SKP are not present, it is necessary to find common language with foreign ­ colleagues. In 2009 the Investigatory committee had been organised and spent 65 working meetings with representatives of law enforcement bodies of Egypt, Israel, Norway, the USA, Turkey, Finland, France, Germany, Japan and of some other countries. Within a year 53 foreign business trips for 116 workers SKP are prepared, visa support is rendered 23 foreign colleagues, remembers g - n Jadrov.

So, for example, in July employees SKP left to Cyprus for investigation of a series of the murders made by local ethnic criminal grouping. It was necessary to work to the Russian inspectors and around Canary Islands - they have gone to Atlantic on the case of dry-cargo ship Arctic Sea loss. Together with the Egyptian policemen it was possible to open business about road accident in which seven Russians were lost. Dialogue with foreign fighters with criminality and on criminal case about abduction and murder of the Russian diplomats in Iraq proceeds.

“ in any key countries traditionally hiding our criminals, foreign representatives SKP would appear are rather useful, - notices the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on safety Gennady Gudkov. - but in representations already available today it is necessary to reduce the personnel: staff of embassies is cut, diplomatic corps is reduced. After all their maintenance manages very expensively. Idea good, but from - for proceeding crisis untimely “.

For conducting dialogue with foreign colleagues rather it is not obligatory to sit at them in the country, the head independent ekspertno ­ - legal council Mara Poljakova agrees­. As she said, while absolutely not clearly as it in general can look, besides it is far not each country will agree to accept “ sent kazachka “.

“ SKP continues to produce idlers, I can not comprehend, what advantage the Russian inspectors abroad can bring, - the chairman of Lawyer chamber of Moscow Henry Reznik is indignant. - On - to mine, the shame connected with work of department at us in the country suffices. I am almost assured that this offer will be rejected “.

“ Why also is not present, it will be possible to award the best inspectors who have most caused a stir in mochilove businessmen, - businessman Evgenie Chichvarkin speaks disappearing from the Russian justice in London. - it is Differently better, than to sit at the stuffy smoked office. It is necessary to stimulate good employees. Tourism in general entirely develops the person - at the same time, can, someone from them will like a freedom of speech, democracy­. Inspectors still will swear among themselves, to whom where to go. Who has more than landings, that it is possible and not to Turkey, and in any normal country to send “.

It is necessary to change the Russian justice, instead of representatives abroad to send, the lawyer representing interests of one more London fugitive, Boris Berezovsky, Andrey Borovkov concludes. “ Russia loses practically all case in the Strasbourg court, negative tons emerge in the British courts when the question on political asylum granting is solved. They, probably, have considered that foreign representatives something will help to rectify this situation “ - he assumes.