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Bears have forgiven Mironov

with it even will consolidate actions

an United Russia withdraws the requirement about resignation of the speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov. On it to journalists have informed following the results of a meeting of the leader an United Russia Boris Gryzlov with the speaker of the Federation Council and head Fair Russia Sergey Mironov. Besides, United Russia party members and esery have entered into the agreement on consolidation of actions.

we will remind, members an United Russia have extremely emotionally reacted to criticism to Vladimir Putin which has sounded in interview of the speaker of the State Duma on February, 2nd on the First channel. Mironov then has publicly expressed disagreement with social initiatives of the leader an United Russia Vladimir Putin, in particular on budget acceptance. After days representatives an United Russia Naming Mironov`s position dishonourable, have started talking that they can begin procedure of a response of the leader Fair Russia from the Federation Council. To the leader eserov have threatened also with creation of fractions in the parliament upper chamber: by means of the mechanism of fractional voting to clean Mironov it would be easier, after all United Russia party members and in the upper chamber make the majority.

past Friday United Russia party members went to Vladimir Putin in Novoogarevo. And though after a meeting visible United Russia party member Vyacheslav Volodin continued to assert that the party will achieve Mironov`s resignation, events have shown the return. In the morning on Monday in the State Duma Gryzlov and Mironov`s meeting after which it has been declared reconciliation of two speakers and heads of competing parties has taken place.

as Gryzlov has informed, the agreement signed by two parties on consolidation stipulates the rights Fair Russia To defend the position on those or other questions, considering that it in relation to an United Russia is opposition party . Besides, United Russia party members have expressed support to Mironov on a post of the chairman of the council of Federation Gryzlov has declared. In turn Sergey Mironov has confirmed that Fair Russia will be to be in opposition to an United Russia . Having specified that does the special statement the speaker of Council of Federation has noticed that everything, as to it personal relations with Vladimir Putin, he can estimate only (Putin) . We are on friendly terms with Putin already more than 15 years. Today Putin, holding a post of the chairman of the government, does not put party interests above interests of the country - Mironov has underlined.

according to political scientists, an United Russia have straightened out from above, having reminded to bears What is the questions of such level are not in their competence. to them have explained that this question is exclusively in the competence of ours sopravitelej - Alexey Makarkin considers zamgendirektora the Center of political strategies. In its opinion, United Russia party members tried to use Mironov`s critical statements to spend blitzkrieg and to remove it, however they can only to issue the political decision, but not to accept it . At the same time the question on creation of fractions in the Federation Council is not connected directly with Mironov`s resignation - fraction to bears can and allow, the political scientist argues, and it is to Mironov will be already extremely unprofitable.