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The financial director is the most expensive

at it the highest salary among a top - menedezherov

the highest income among representatives a top - management of two capitals financial directors possess. These are results of studying of offers of employers and expectations of the applicants, spent by the research centre rekrutingovogo portal SuperJob. ru in December, 2009 among heads of the top echelon in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. In Peter a top - managers estimate on the average on 10 - 30 thousand roubles more cheaply.

salary offers for financial directors of the capital companies have made Srednerynochnye 90 - 150 thousand roubles. In St.-Petersburg the management of financial department is estimated by employers at a rate of 80 - 140 thousand Slightly differs a salary corridor for commercial directors: 80 - 150 thousand roubles in Moscow and 75 - 135 thousand - in Peter. Do not lag behind almost commercial directors of the director for development: In Moscow they can count on the average income at the rate from 80 to 150 thousand roubles, in Northern capital - from 75 to 140 thousand

the Management of legal department is estimated by heads of the Moscow companies at the same level: at a rate of 80 - 150 roubles monthly. And here in St.-Petersburg directors of legal departments should be content with the smaller: they receive there on the average from 70 to 130 thousand Average market salary of directors on IT in December, 2009 in Moscow has made 80 - 150 thousand roubles, in a city on Neva - from 70 to 130 thousand Director for logistics in two cities earn accordingly from 80 to 150 thousand roubles and from 70 to 120 thousand

the range of salaries for directors for marketing and advertising in Moscow has made Srednerynochnyj from 75 to 120 thousand roubles, in Petersburg - from 70 to 110 thousand Chief engineers of projects in capital can count on the average income at the rate from 70 to 100 thousand roubles, in St.-Petersburg - from 65 to 100 thousand It is comparable to average earnings gipov and the salary of the main architects of projects. The last earn in Moscow nearby 65 - 100 thousand roubles monthly, in Peter - from 55 to 85 thousand

Real srednerynochnaja the salary of directors for the personnel in pervoprestolnoj has made 65 - 100 thousand roubles, in Petersburg - from 60 to 90 thousand And average salary offers for chief accountants have made accordingly 50 - 75 thousand and 45 - 65 thousand roubles.