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Moscow has opened green street

to Russia there has arrived the leader HAMAS

Today to Moscow there has arrived delegation of the Palestinian movement HAMAS led by the leader of Islamites Haledom Mashalem. In conditions zabuksovavshego Near-Eastern settlement Moscow does not leave attempts to reconcile at least conflicting Palestinian groupings.

palestino - the Israeli conflict Russia in the beginning of year accepts participants a package . In the end of January Dmitry Medvedev and the head of the Palestinian national administration Mahmud Abbas have carried on negotiations in Sochi, already visit of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanjahu in the nearest future is expected, and today to Moscow there has arrived Haled Mashal, the head of the Political bureau of radical Islamic movement HAMAS supervising Gaza Strip (itself g - n Mashal lives in Syria).

While in the West HAMAS consider as the terrorist organisation and contacts to it do not support, Moscow adheres Broad the approach in Near-Eastern settlement and consistently spends a line on overcoming of split among Palestinians. However, after the armed revolution, which HAMAS has spent in Gaza in the summer of 2007, official visits of delegations Islamic resistance to Russia have stopped, and in July, 2007 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs even has cancelled already planned arrival of Haleda Mashalja to Moscow (as it is considered, from - for Mahmud Abbas`s objections). However contacts did not interrupt: in the last two days head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov met the leader HAMAS in Damascus twice, and here today Mashalja have accepted again on the Smolensk area.

except negotiations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at Haleda Mashalja in Moscow meetings with patriarch Cyril, the head of Council of muftis of Ravilem Gajnutdinym and students MGIMO are planned.

Russia has a unique position, supporting good relations both with Israel, and with both main thing the Palestinian forces (FATH and HAMAS), without being thus the country of the Arabian world and in general the Near East. Haled Mashal declared time and again that if who can be the objective arbitrator in this conflict it is Moscow, - speaks familiar with Mashalem Alexander Sotnichenko from the Petersburg centre of the Near East. - another matter that last years influence and popularity of Russia in region have very seriously fallen and, the main thing, Moscow does not offer any concrete plan of settlement .

Meanwhile, the situation in region remains to the heaviest. Peace process of settlement of the conflict is frozen: Mahmud Abbas`s administration refuses to sit down a negotiating table with Israelis, building of the Jewish settlements on the Palestinian Western Coast will not be frozen yet. Israelis, in opinion g - on Sotnichenko, osoznanno do not go on a frost of colony activity, without wishing renewal of dialogue with Abbasom whom do not supervise all Palestinian autonomy and is not supported of the population. As to internal Palestinian disagreements, how the head of committee of the Federation Council of the international affairs Michael Margelov after the recent meeting with Mahmud Abbas in Ramalle, while FATH and HAMAS " told daily; lay down each other impracticable conditions .