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Manned island

Women and children by the White sea in a film One war

Vera Glagoleva, the known Soviet and Russian actress, not the first time of village in a director`s armchair. This time it undertook an unexpected theme - history about women, during war of given birth children from Germans. In one of roles in a film One war already received set of festival prizes, the daughter of the director Anna Nahapetova acted in film also.

In the centre of a plot five mothers. The majority - yesterday`s schoolgirls. They from different cities and the villages which have appeared in a zone of occupation. Unites them that they have managed to give birth to children from Germans. Someone has made it not on own will, and someone has fallen in love with the German soldier. Stories at all different. Similar complexities have appeared rather inopportunely to proletariat dictatorship. Therefore mothers with children have been sent on island in the north under demobilised Karpa Nichiporuka protection (Alexander Baluev). Here they live and work in rybsovhoze, and after work nurse the kids.

film action occurs within several last days wars. Mothers as already and all in the USSR, understand that the victory is close. They wait for it, in the same way as well as everything, believe that will come back home. And on May, 9th, 1945 on island there arrives the major of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs to whom it is entrusted to solve a problem . It is in these parts planned to arrange educational base of Northern fleet. labour settlement it is necessary to disband in the shortest terms, women to send in camp, and their children - in children`s homes. Prisoners dress up in celebratory dresses, paint lips. The real state of affairs is imagined only by the Carp who besides is enamoured of one of the wards.

one war - very thin film, and business not only in an uneasy and rare theme. All here little-known, including script writer Maria Sasina (for it this history based on real events was the thesis in VGIKe). In roles not jammed woman`s faces successfully could look. From celebrities, except Glagolevoj, only Alexander Baluev, which, as always, at height.

one of the first displays of a film has taken place within the limits of the program Explosions from the past on a last year`s Moscow international film festival. Since then One war has visited at many festivals and has received almost two ten awards. In domestic hire it leaves just now, a month before a Victory Day.

Vera Glagoleva itself often acted in film in films about war. It is possible to remember and Torpedo bombers on motives of military stories of Yury Herman, and Snipers . It made especially bright impression in a film Descended from heavens under Alexey Kaplera`s book Two from twenty millions . And history Descended from heavens otherwise as strange you will not name. Perhaps, it is one of the best films about the Great Patriotic War, removed in Soviet period. It is quite possible to put it near to in public favourite To fight there are one old men or And dawns here silent . After a film exit on screens its script writer Vladimir Kunin has published the scenario in the form of the book. But even it has not helped. Removed in 1986, on a decline of the USSR, the film has not had time to run into collective spectator memory and as a result it has appeared is almost forgotten. At least, on a TV screen it appears seldom, and it is equivalent to oblivion.

to one war the same are peculiar a subtlety and a step. Glagolev has kept ferment of that intellectual cinema, its taste, its restraint. Its cinema - such where there are no explosions and slogans, but the a lot of private experiences hidden behind time by avaricious external displays. Perhaps, this film waits happier destiny.