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Moscow the new owner of department store leaves on the account

demands from suppliers to take out the goods

Having received one month ago control over department store Moscow on a judgement, Grigory Rabinovich has decided to close shop on inventory. Within one and a half weeks the general director Moscow plans to book audit of activity of the previous management in the name of Dmitry Uljanitsky. For this purpose till April, 20th all suppliers should take out the goods from department store then with them new contracts will be concluded. Suppliers in perplexity: term of contracts with the former general director yet has not expired, and about initiatives of a new management they have learnt from daily.

from department store g - n Rabinovich has informed On future eviction to suppliers of Open Society Department store Moscow and Joint-Stock Company Department store Invest (Joint-Stock Company Department store Moscow ) Through the press. department store administration Moscow in the name of the general director of Open Society Department store Moscow G.L.Rabinovich brings to the notice of suppliers of the goods the information on necessity to take away the goods from shop till April, 20th, 2010 in connection with carrying out of the expanded inventory - it is told in the announcement. Suppliers who will not cope with a problem in the designated term, will search for the goods at the third party follows from the announcement.

Grigory Rabinovich has confirmed daily the leaving fact Moscow on vacation for inventory. I accept department store. The weight of the goods has got to it without me, and I do not want to bear for it any responsibility, - the businessman explains. - there are suppliers whom we at all do not know, is even invented . By words g - on Rabinovich, the account can occupy days ten, during which Moscow will not work.

After check carrying out the new management of department store plans to renew contracts with suppliers. conditions of contracts will a little exchange, - speaks g - n Rabinovich. - we carry on active negotiations with suppliers .

Interrogated daily suppliers were not in a course of forthcoming export of the goods and the conclusion of new contracts. The representative of company Gottardi trading in the Italian clothes, has declared that any changes in work of their shop in to Moscow no. As he said, last contract with a department store management has been concluded last summer. since then any requests for renewal of contracts did not arrive - the interlocutor daily marks.

the General director of representative office Werner Christ GmbH in Russia and the CIS countries (the manufacturer of outer clothing) Michael Ursuljak has told that the contract with Moscow has been renewed on December, 1st, 2009 from Open Society on Joint-Stock Company. Then we have issued the contract for a period of a year with g - nom Uljanitsky - he has informed. Thus, before the expiration of the agreement of suppliers with department store remains more half a year. The new owner, by words g - on Ursuljaka, in any way while did not show itself and on communication did not leave.

the director of department of trading real estate Penny Lane Realty Alexey Mogila doubts that department store Moscow will incur severe losses for ten days of idle time of the areas. the company gain was minimum, - the expert speaks. - I am surprised that this shop was not closed till now .

In 2008-2009 Moscow from - for the joint-stock conflict was in a deep minus. By data the SCREEN, Joint-Stock Company dead loss Department store Moscow in 2008 has made 13,8 million rbl. against profit of 2,8 million rbl. year before. For nine months 2009 of Open Society Department store Moscow has incurred 3,9 million rbl. of dead loss. Unprofitableness principal causes became impossibility to reduce constant costs of a society against decrease in consumer ability of retail buyers and growth of credit obligations of a society in currency against rouble exchange rate falling - speaks in the company reporting. The volume of own circulating assets of Open Society within two years is designated by negative size: on the end of September, 2009 the company capital made - 415,2 million rbl. With Dmitry Uljanitsky who supervised over department store till March, 2010, was not possible to communicate yesterday.