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Cigarettes under the recipe

struggle against smoking becomes brutal

Antitobacco campaign in Russia grows. This week Ministry of Health of the Chelyabinsk area which has laid down the aim to release region from tobacco has caused a stir. Local authorities want to forbid sale of cigarettes and to register all smokers as addicts. Cigarettes will be released only in special cases and under the recipe of the doctor. If such interdictions are entered, to smoke not begin less, experts are assured, but the next regions will be enriched.

the chief of department of preventive maintenance of diseases of regional Ministry of Health Alexey Korolev has declared that the smoking person - dependent, and consequently, the patient. Means, it should be registered in a narcoclinic. If the case clinical and the patient without cigarettes cannot live, the doctor on the lawful bases will write out to it the recipe. Under this recipe the patient will go to a drugstore where will buy cigarettes in medical doses. Calculation becomes that behind the recipe those who is really dependent will go only. In the meantime the majority - 80 % - simply play about and will cease to smoke absolutely.

By words g - on the Queen, today in Southern Ural Mountains every third adult (more than 60 % of men and to 18 % of women) smokes. It has reminded that smoking provokes oncological and is warm - vascular diseases, leads to illnesses of lungs. Thanks to this program the official expects to lower considerably number of smokers for a year - ones and a half.

that cigarettes did not sell illegally, them will outlaw as drugs or smoking mixes. vitse - the governor of the Chelyabinsk area Evgenie Redin has directed the offers to committee on Federation Council health protection.

the editor-in-chief of branch news agency Russian tobacco Maxim Korolev considers that the probability of realisation of this plan is close to zero. The unique state where a similar interdiction tried to enter within several years, is Butane, and that it has not ended with anything, butantsy from it became more healthy not, to smoke has stopped nobody - has told g - n Queens. Gradually interdictions in Butane weaken, and to inhabitants of the country have already allowed to import cigarettes for private use, but with 100 - percentage payment of the import duty. In opinion g - on the Queen, inhabitants of Chelyabinsk can buy tobacco in other regions where it will not be forbidden.