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The more cheaply, the better

Crisis has helped netbukam to increase a market share

From - for crisis the market of computers in Russia has fallen for 2009 to 33 %, have counted up in ITResearch. This year analysts expect growth in 10 %. The segment netbukov thanks to the small price of the given devices has least suffered.

according to company ITResearch, in 2009 in Russia it has been sold hardly more than 7,28 million computers, from them 3,96 million desktops and 3,32 million mobile personal computers (including netbuki). According to research, in comparison with 2008 the market of computers has shown decrease on 26 %. Thus the segment of desktop computers has fallen to 33 %, and the market of mobile devices - on 16 %. As in the report it is noticed that the share netbukov among total number of mobile computers has made almost 18 %.

IDC predicts global growth of a portable segment of the personal computer in 2010 in the world on 16,5 %, thus desktop systems remain at level of 2009 - 124,2 million pieces. Giving the forecast for long-term prospect, IDC it is assured of annual growth of a segment of portable personal computers on 17 % till 2013. Success mini - laptops in IDC explain first of all in gadget cost - on the average to 400 dollars while the high-grade laptop costs from 900 dollars

Leaders following the results of 2009 in a segment of desktop personal computers of a steel of company Acer, Depo, HP, K - Systems and Kraftway, their total share has made 23,4 % from a common market. Among manufacturers of laptops also remained to be in the lead company Acer, except it into the leading five have entered Asus, HP, Samsung and Toshiba. In the sum these companies have sold 80,1 % from all laptops in the Russian market.

as the director of a direction of desktop personal computers Acer in Russia Vyacheslav Nazarov has declared, the company for last year has strongly expanded the presence at sector of desktop systems. There was it, in opinion g - n Nazarov, basically because the company has agreed with a number of manufacturers of accessories that it will be delivered by new products which are not present in open access in the market. Acer first of all gets access to the new componental decisions appearing in the industry, and it is attractive to users - mark in company Acer. According to vice-president DEPO Computers, Olga Dvojninoj, the company managed to resist during crisis only at the expense of the thought over grocery policy, development of client services, the program of support of a partner network and aggressive marketing.

year before ITResearch has published statistics in whom it is said that for 2008 in Russia it has been sold about 9,4 million computers, 3,5 million have made laptops of them (without netbukov) and 5,9 million - desktops. The last, according to analysts, in crisis it will be easier to keep positions owing to cheapness, availability and ample opportunities. However this forecast of analysts proceeding from present indicators has not proved to be true.