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MTS ordered to share

the operator has prepared offers on sharing of networks

Under the information daily, yesterday MTS has presented Minkomsvjazi of the offer on creation to Russia skilled zones on joint building and use of networks by operators. Similar practice is widely used in the USA and Europe and allows operators to save to 50 % kapzatrat. However, to introduce similar practice in Russia, it is necessary to change the legislation forbidding to two and more operators to use by the general network.

with the offer to organise the pilot project on a construction of networks of sharing (Active Network Sharing - sharing of the active equipment of a network: repeaters, reception - transmitters and etc.) The vice-president of MTS on the technician Andrey Ushatsky at conference on modernisation of a telecommunication infrastructure in Minkomsvjazi has acted. This scheme allows to reduce essentially terms of expansion of a network, and also specific investments of operators to 50 % and more, explains PR - the director of MTS Elena Kohanovsky. Minkomsvjaz has very much become interested in the offer and has asked us to send project details .

As a whole we support idea of sharing of networks. We already have an experience of mutually advantageous use of an infrastructure together with other operators - has told a press - the secretary Vympelcom Xenia Korneyev.

following the results of tests it is planned to suggest to make changes in standard - legal certificates, including the order of Mininformsvjazi N97 from 08. 08. 05, asserting that The part of communication facilities of one network at use as a communication centre of other network should be programmno, technically or is physically separated from one of the specified communication networks that actually forbids association of separate sites of a network in a uniform network which some operators simultaneously could use, argues g - zha Kohanovsky.

We consider development of sharing of networks by the extremely important for the market. We are ready to divide an infrastructure with other operators. At present there is an experience of sharing of base stations, and also tests on sharing of repeaters " were carried out; - the press - the secretary " has told; the Megaphone Karen Asojan.

There is a positive experience of successful projects Active Network Sharing in the world (Sweden, Australia, Spain) which shows that in Russia such projects too have prospects. We have already endured that time when technologies were competitive advantage. Now the basic competition lies in a marketing plane. Therefore it is much more reasonable and perspektivnee to unite efforts and to be put in a joint infrastructure - the representative of MTS summarises.

in February of this year the fund of direct investments UFG Private Equity Fund II has enclosed about 30 million dollars in building of towers of cellular communication in Severo - the Western federal district and St.-Petersburg. The fund intends to lease towers to operators of the cellular communication interested in development of networks in region. The rate becomes on the company which in the future will be engaged in expansion of networks of the fourth generation of standard LTE.

the Euronetwork has increased a gain

the Euronetwork has brought preliminary results for the first quarter 2010 on MSFO. The company gain has grown on 9 % in comparison with the similar period of last year, to 13,8 mlrd rbl. Indicator EBITDA has made 1,2 mlrd rbl. in comparison with losses on EBITDA in 500 million rbl. year before. The president Euronetworks Alexander Malis has noticed that results could be better, if not strong decrease marzhinalnosti from - for the competition aggravations, happened in February - March of this year .