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This transaction will give nothing to the Megaphone but thus infringes upon our interests as the shareholder

Interview to the general director telekominvesta Ivan Streshinsky

the General director telekominvesta IVAN STRESHINSKY has told daily why the holding has made decision to have legal proceedings with Altimo and TeliaSonera, and also has shared the fears concerning possible infringement of strategic interests of Russia.

- in what, in your opinion, an essence of claims to the joint-stock agreement between TeliaSonera and Altimo?

- our position consists that this transaction will give nothing to the Megaphone but thus infringes upon our interests as the shareholder. If to look at this situation from legal side, if this transaction takes place, share TeliaSonera in the joint venture with Altimo will exceed 50 %. Considering that this joint venture will supervise more than 50 % the Megaphone It directly contradicts the law About foreign investments as TeliaSonera it is supervised by the governments of Sweden and Finland, so, in sense of the law on control for ino ­ strange investments is a foreign state company.

- not so long ago the commission on foreign investments has approved an exchange of actives between Altimo and Telenor then the question that the foreign company with participation of the state capital will receive a share in a strategic Russian active too was brought up...

- Yes, but in a case with that transaction Telenor has not received control. In this case a situation other.

- why the form of the judicial claim has been chosen?

- We have spent a lot of time for informing our position to TeliaSonera, including letters, personal negotiations, public statements and etc. it seems To us that not judicial ways have at present sputtered out.

- you address claims TeliaSonera, instead of Altimo?

- We protect the positions as the shareholder the Megaphone . By and large it is possible to welcome only if Altimo will continue the expansion in the international markets and will strengthen the positions in Turkcell. Respondents under the claim are both TeliaSonera, and Altimo as they are the parties under the joint venture contract.