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Farewell, Iran!

LUKOIL will stop deliveries of oil products in the country

Iran has definitively lost investment appeal to LUKOIL. The company intends to suspend deliveries of oil products in the country. Earlier from - for sanctions of the USA against Iran the Russian petrogetter has left the project Anaran also has been compelled to write-off a loss in 63 million dollars the New decision of LUKOIL is attempt to minimise possible political risks.

LUKOIL intends to suspend deliveries of oil products to Iran after an exit from the large-scale project Anaran reports Reuters referring to some sources among traders. The Russian company delivered in the country from 250 thousand to 500 thousand barr. On the average once in two months. LUKOIL not the main player in deliveries of oil products, carries out them from time to time. But now the company will suspend them from - for pressure from the Moscow office - the interlocutor of news agency speaks.

direct deliveries of gasoline to Iran never was, - have explained in LUKOIL. - we have an international trader LITASCO - the large player who trades in the volumes, almost twice exceeding what we send for export . To Contact representatives of the trader yesterday it was not possible.

LUKOIL far not the first company, refused to sell oil products to Iranians. In January one of the largest world petrotraders Swiss Glencore has stopped gasoline deliveries in the country. In March to its example other large European dealers oil products - Trafigura and Vitol have followed. On a share of these three companies the considerable part of all deliveries necessary for economy of Iran had. Recently all transactions with the state were stopped by the British oil concern Royal Dutch Shell.

Possible toughening of the international sanctions concerning Teheran in connection with the nuclear program became the Reason of mass leaving of foreign players from the Iranian market. Last year LUKOIL in connection with impossibility of realisation of the further works on a deposit from - for presence of economic sanctions from the government of the USA left the Iranian project Anaran . From depreciation of investments the Russian company has estimated a loss at a rate of 63 million dollars

deposit Working out it has appeared in doubt in 2007 when the government of the USA has entered restrictions on investments into Iran from the power companies of the third countries (no more than 20 million dollars) .

LUKOIL laid hopes on this Iranian block, in the company said that Anaran can become one of the most considerable oil opening during the last years. LUKOIL spent prospecting works in a consortium with Norwegian Statoil (75 %) which expected to extract by 2010 on a deposit to 100 thousand barr. A day.

at Iran which is one of the largest petrogetters in the world, not enough own processing capacities. The country is compelled to import more half of oil products consumed in the country. Having lost the largest suppliers, the state yet does not test shortage with oil products as compensates them at the expense of deliveries of the small companies from the countries less dependent from politicians of the USA. for Iran leaving of LUKOIL will not cause serious consequences, the country market competitive enough - analyst VTB Lev Snykov considers. LUKOIL thereby confirms that Iran has lost for it investment appeal. LUKOIL - the international company, at it is actives in America, and it cannot ignore such political risks - the expert marks.

Have agreed about transportation

NOVATEK and SG - the Trance have signed the contract on transportation szhizhennyh hydrocarbonic gases (SUG), made by Purovsky factory on condensate processing. The contract is concluded for a period of five years with possibility of the further prolongation. The Purovsky factory is an important link in a chain from investigation and extraction to processing and company sale. The contract conclusion will allow to provide requirement NOVATEKa for transportation to the Russian and foreign consumers of all made volume SUG. Condensate transportation is provided with the First cargo company from which at NOVATEKa the long-term agreement operates.