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the Big seven has gone on launch

But without state programs of support of economy to it not to manage yet

the Organization of economic cooperation and development (OESR) has presented the next analysis of economy of seven leading industrially developed countries of the world. The general diagnosis for leaders of Europe, the USA, Japan and Canada sounds quite hopefully: the economy recovers - slowly but surely. According to group economist OESR Pira Karlo Padoana, unemployment in an eurozone has already passed the highest point. Despite it, experts are afraid of negative consequences of turning of the governmental programs of revival of a conjuncture and credit deficiency in bank sector.

in report OESR it is noticed that economy of Germany, France and Italy again grow stably enough. In the second quarter 2010 medium height should be accelerated with 0,9 to 1,9 %, and after all in the end of 2009 this indicator made only 0,4 %. As to Germany largest in Europe of economy its gross national product in the second quarter will increase by 2,8 %. It is possible to consider that Germany left crisis, experts conclude.

however, analysts OESR believe that the financial markets brake till now process of recover of world economy. in spite of the fact that maintenance of banks with the capital has improved, the risks connected with transient debts, remain - has noted g - n Padoan. In its opinion, taking place in the end of 2009 in the USA, and also in some countries of Europe and Japan economic growth during the first half of the year 2010 oslabnet also will be fragile. Unstable there will be also a situation on a labour market. In this connection it is important to avoid the sharp termination of government programs of support of economy, he has underlined.

in the USA experts OESR estimate a situation slightly more optimistically, than position in Europe and Japan. The rate of unemployment in the North America decreases. The economy of the USA will grow in the second quarter almost as quickly (2,3 %), as well as in the first (2,4 %). However it is not necessary to forget that this indicator in the fourth quarter 2009 has made 5,9 %. Here again shortage of credits brakes demand lifting. According to the American economist Robert Schiller, the economy of the USA continues to need state support. we should be ready to make in this direction even more, after all the situation remains unstable - he has declared to newspaper Handelsblatt. The first package of measures of the state help of the government of the USA was estimated in 800 mlrd dollars

it is impossible to refuse state help programs now in no event. This year they are still necessary as air - professor Michael Brojninger from world economy Institute in Hamburg has confirmed daily. The expert is assured that stable improvement of a world economic conjuncture will come not earlier than 2011.

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