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Kirghizia has changed the power

opposition the Next Kirghiz revolution has generated provisional government

it has turned out not velvet and bloody. As a result of yesterday`s collisions between forces of opposition and true to the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbeku Bakievu military men were lost 65 persons, thus nearby 50 - in Bishkek, the number of wounded men has come nearer to 500. The opposition has hastened to declare that the power has passed in her hands, has dismissed parliament and the former cabinet, and responsibility for tragical events has assigned to a former management of republic. The republic provisional government led by the former Minister for Foreign Affairs Rozoj Otunbaevoj is generated.

At present under opposition control four of seven areas of Kirghizia, and also capital have passed at least. However, bloody collisions have been noted not everywhere: the Osh and Batkensky areas of republic have made change of the power without fight. Till now there is no exact clearness concerning Bakieva. According to some information, on Wednesday it has gone to the city of Osh, but then Dzhalal Abad has got over in the regional centre. According to Rozy Otunbaevoj, there svergnutyj the head of republic tries to consolidate the supporters. At the same time, as has informed the edition Fergana. Ru referring to governor Dzhalal - Abadsky area, Kurmanbek Bakiev resigns. However, thus former president has promised not to give in insult of the son .

Last statement testifies that svergnutyj the president whom the opposition accuses of corruption and democracy treachery, expects reprisals concerning itself and the supporters. During the board Kurmanbek Bakiev, the native from the republic south, has cleared power structures of representatives of northern clans, return process now will begin, analysts are assured.

it is remarkable that son Bakieva is not in Kirghizia, and in the USA. Maxim Bakiev heading in the homeland the Central agency on development, investments and innovations, has arrived on Wednesday to Washington where its meetings in State department and National Security council of the USA were planned. Together with it, according to ITAR - TASS, to the American capital separate flight there has arrived head the republic Kadyrbek Sarbaev Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Whom from the American officials there will be representatives de - fakto svergnutogo the country leaders and whether will meet in general, is not clear yet. It is not excluded that Washington, as well as Moscow, will take a break in scoring of concrete estimations of events in Kirghizia. A main point: how much firmly now the opposition has come to power to carry on with it dialogue as with new ruling force?

in the Kirghizia in many areas of republic the chaos proceeds, messages on marauders which plunder government agencies and houses of supporters of Bakieva arrive. The provisional government calls the population for calmness and convinces journalists and world community that owns a situation. So, just appointed Minister of Defence Ismail Isakov has declared today transition under control of the new authorities of army and frontier guards. vitse - the prime minister on economy and provisional government Temir Sariev finance has informed that work on control restoration over country financial resources is conducted. He also has noticed that under the provisional government decision the National bank of republic has entered external management in a number of commercial banks which, in its opinion, belong to a family of president Kurmanbeka Bakieva and earlier were used in corruption frauds .

Vladimirs PAVELS

the Opposition has seized power in Kirghizia