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High-speed legkovesy

Audi the German company has shown restyling compartments and a TT roadster

has extended the detailed information on the updated sport compartments and a roadster of the family of a TT. Cars have received new 2,0 - the litre petrol motor, the facilitated body with aluminium inclusions, and also new interior design and an exterior.

the current generation of Audi of a TT is issued already almost three years and consequently time of its updating has come. It is However, made so zavualirovanno what to find differences between old and new cars without special preparation it is impossible. Designers have a little corrected forward bumpers at a compartment and a roadster, having cleaned a part of air lines from below. Headlights have got new light-emitting diode lanterns and have changed the form of shone eyelashes.

in salon of change is more appreciable. We will tell, instead of the out-of-date block of management of climatic installation the panel with convenient krutilkami is built in. The multimedia system with the huge colour screen has received a management ring. The instrument panel will please the driver with a white colouring of figures and indexes, well and salon it is possible to issue by means of fresh made of cloth and aluminium inserts. Here, actually, and all...

in what TT Audi has really made a considerable step forward, so it in a technical component. The car has an innovative body, on 68 % executed of aluminium. Thanks to it its weight only 206 kg from which only 66 kg have on steel elements. The most part of inclusions from easy metal is concentrated ahead, steel are behind, and at the expense of these cunnings is created favorable razvesovka. The general weight of a compartment makes 1240 kg that almost on 100 kg it is less, than at the nearest competitor. And the easy weight always was pledge of good dynamics.

New 2,0 - litre petrol motor TFSI combines a turbo-supercharging with direct injection therefore capacity of the engine has jumped up to 211 l. With., and its twisting moment has reached 350 Nanometers. Front-wheel Audi of a TT with such heart it will be possible to get with 6 - the step sports mechanical transmission, allowing to keep turns in an optimum range. As a result of 100 km/ ch TT Audi exchanges for 6,1 with, the maximum speed makes 245 km/ ch.

For fans to light the robotised box with two couplings S tronic, and also all-wheel drive transmission quattro is offered: all this economy allows to be dispersed to the car to hundred already for 5,6 with.

Besides, the old engines will be accessible to a compartment and a roadster of Audi of a TT, already had time to prove from a positive side. It is 1. 8 TFSI, developing 160 l. With. And 250 nanometers of a twisting moment, and also 2. 0 TDI (170 l. With. And 350 Nanometers), doing Audi of a TT a unique diesel sport car in its segment. Such car consumes on the average 5,3 l of fuel on one hundred and is dispersed to 100 km/ ch for 7,3 with.

the European premiere of the car will take place in the end of April on the international motor show in Leipzig.