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Vest - a bullet-proof vest

is developed the bulletproof version cotton T - shirt

Researchers from University of South Carolina in cooperation with colleagues from China and Switzerland hasten to please military men and policemen. Scientists have achieved successes in giving to a T-shirt of properties of a bullet-proof vest.

the technology essence consists in updating of a cotton fabric. As a basis for an armour new generation the ordinary T-shirt which has been cut by thin strips has acted and is shipped in a pine forest solution.

taken of the capacity, the rags which have absorbed a pine forest then heated up in the furnace. Under the influence of heat of a fibre of a clap were transformed in carbon and, entering reaction with a pine forest, formed pine forest carbide. By the way, the pine forest is the third substance on hardness on the Earth. And pine forest carbide (B4C) is used at manufacturing of the tank reservation.

the Turned out material is easy, very much prochen and is thus flexible enough. Plasticity - its important advantage before not bending, but at the same time fragile plates of carbide of the pine forest, used as bulletproof inserts in bullet-proof vests.

our working out is present break in manufacturing easy, nezatratnyh, but the extremely rigid and strong materials, - the co-author of the project, Whether the professor in the field of mechanical engineering of Ksiaodong marks. - Using this technology, we are able make much stronger and convenient an armour . Besides, received nanovolokna pine forest carbide can be used and for creation of easy, economic cars and planes .