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The foot mouse

Toe Mouse

Designer Liu Also has presented one of the most unusual kontseptov to the computer mouse: its device is executed in the form of truncated shlepantsa.

it is interesting that besides tapok as the sources of inspiration the designer mentions a water motorcycle and even kosatku.

to Amuse the public in general - that was not end in itself: the author it is assured that Toe Mouse will help people with the limited possibilities and it is simple that to whom would be spodruchnee to knock on the keyboard, without distracting a hand on manipulation with an ordinary mouse. Another matter that a mouse, as well as footwear, buyers then should select on the size.

Toe Mouse it is intentionally created by a principle a slap - Vietnameses - the substrate with a crosspiece which is settling down between the first and second toe allows to supervise better movement of fingers.

controls the most usual. On the basis of a mouse under a thumb the surface, equivalent to the left button of the mouse is located, and the surface under the second toe carries out the same functions, as the right button. A castor for the clear reasons it is not provided.

very interesting kontsept, truth, at once why - that arises a question: and suddenly a foot will reduce?