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Millionaires there is less than one million

number of men of means in Russia in crisis it was reduced

Crisis did not become accident for representatives the top middle class . However for last year the quantity of men of means in Russia was reduced from 1,2 million persons to 990 thousand, told in research Citigold and RESH. Economic shocks have induced Russians to store money for deposits or in the cash form. However, desires to invest in dynamical foreign economy like BRICK which even in crisis have shown high rates of increase of gross national product, at them it was not lowered.

for last year the volume of spare cash which are supervised by well-founded Russians, has fallen with 4,2 trln to 3,4 trln rbl. And number of representatives the top middle class for 2009 it was reduced from 1,2 million to 990 thousand persons. Losses considerable if to consider that for a pre-crisis five-years period mid-annual rate of increase of quantity of rich men made 20 %.

Well-founded Russians - an important part of economy, they invest in transparent tools and stably pay surtax though from time to time politicians suggest to raise urgently fiscal gathering for these citizens - rector RESH Sergey Guriev marks. According to research, the total amount of had means of rich Russians makes 9 % of gross national product, and from the point of view of sociology this group remains maloissleduemoj, after all they do not get in statistican Rosstata, but also do not hold out to list Forbes.

Crisis has forced almost one million the well-founded Russians earning 25 % of all incomes in Russia, to become even more economical and to store money for deposits or in old kind nalichke. the Provided Russians in crisis have chosen conservative strategy of management by means - chief of the department Citigold of Citybank Veronica Zhukov speaks.

to hold saved up on deposits or in a cash kind prefer 70 % of Russians. In total on bank accounts lies 2,4 trln rbl., 200 more mlrd rbl. it is invested in PIFS. Zhukov underlines that in crisis people have reflected on long-term investment, for a period of three - five years, and to economic shocks understanding long-term there was a maximum for one year. At the same time rich Russians even in crisis do not refuse to themselves and risky investment: almost 20 % of compatriots put in stock market through broker operations or PIFS. The favourite product in the market - power complex actions, on them is necessary over 70 % of investments.

well-founded citizens are not limited to home market and actively invest abroad. about 22 % of well-founded clients have foreign investments that is characteristic for emerging market economies - the head of department International Personal Banking Citi in region Europe, the Near East and Africa Gran Carson speaks. As he said, our compatriots prefer aggressive insertion of means in papers of the companies - manufacturers of the various goods from the countries BRICK.

the governmental measures though do not render essential influence on economy, however the next four years the number of men of means will increase by 3,5 %, and volume of liquid money - on 3 %, is predicted in research. last year was turbulent and unexpected, but the beginning of 2010 is better, than it was expected, - in the first half of the year economy growth will be above 7 %, - Sergey Guriev argues. - this year we do not predict sharp returning of crisis which was, but nevertheless to give an estimation while prematurely .

Anyway, experts are solidary in one: well-founded Russians will be on - former carefully to concern savings, but will not be afraid to invest in structural products which are accessible only outside of Russia.

Well-founded Russians, on methodology RESH and Citigold, have spare cash from 1,3 million to 13 million rbl. (as of 2008) in the cash form, on deposits, in securities, PIFS. Analysts considered segment volume, using distribution of Pareto and detalizovannye the data about incomes of households of Rosstata. Portfolio structure estimated on the basis of given clients Citigold taking into account the amendment on other banks. In total have interrogated 20 thousand persons in Moscow, Petersburg and other big cities of Russia. With pair hundreds persons individual interviews were spent.

That well-founded Russians for the Russian economy

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the Source: Research RESH and Citigold