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The friendship begins with the rocket

Russia and the USA president Dmitry Medvedev and its American colleague Barack Obama have signed the new contract on SNV

Yesterday in Prague have signed the long-awaited Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (SNV). Moscow, as well as promised, has achieved coordination of offensive arms with distribution on the world of the American systems of the ABM, and Dmitry Medvedev tells all about possibility to support the sanction against Iran and it " more firmly; personal chemistry with Barack Obama. In the Kremlin hope that now relations from the USA will reboot definitively also will go sharply uphill. Signing of the historical contract in a palace complex of Prazhski Hailstones was preceded by Medvedev and Obama`s lasting more of two hours the negotiations. Having appeared in the Spanish hall with half-hour delay, both leaders showed excellent mood: During signing all time bent to each other, something told and cheerfully laughed. It was visible that the text of the document which peregovorshchiki was co-ordinated by 11 months, has left happy both parties.

it is definitively fixed that the maximum quantity developed boezarjadov for each of the parties will be limited to 1550 pieces. A ceiling for ballistic missiles - 700 (it is twice less in comparison with SNV - 1), and quantity of launchers no more than 800 pieces. As before, each of the parties can inspect, as there is a reduction of armaments on that party of ocean. However verification measures under the new contract considerably become simpler. For example, there will be no American inspections at the key Russian enterprise for manufacture of rocket technics in Votkinsk, the nomenclature of notices on data exchange is reduced. Besides, Russia has defended position of the old contract on placing nuclear arms exclusively in national territory.

However most of all Moscow was excited with a question of coordination of offensive arms with defensive, that is placing in Europe (and other parts of the world) the American ABM. As a result in a contract preamble there was a formulation that the parties recognise interrelation presence between strategic offensive and defensive arms and also increasing importance of this interrelation . But Moscow has decided to designate this coordination even more accurately. In the special statement of the Russian side it is said that Russia reserves the right to itself to leave contract SNV if will fix qualitative and quantitative escalating of possibilities of systems of antimissile defence of the United States .

this statement has no Validity, the member of the Russian delegation, the head of the Duma committee of the international affairs Konstantin Kosachev has explained daily, but it is important as interpretation of a position of Russia on a number of points of the contract.

Anyway at two presidents the mountain from shoulders has fallen, and now the parties hope that their relations will quickly go on the accruing. Disagreements, of course, remain with Moscow and Washington, Dmitry Medvedev recognised, but, considering their personal contacts to Obama, all can be settled. I, as well as the US president, the optimist also am assured that on these questions we can agree, - Medvedev has informed. - at us good relations were established very much. There was that it is accepted to name personal chemistry . By the way, yesterday the president of Russia has categorically declared that Moscow is ready to discuss a new package of sanctions against Iran that Washington for a long time achieves.

Barack Obama in emotions was more constrained. signing has shown that old enemies can establish new mutual relations - the US president has declared.

The Contract has turned out compromise, and the American side also has gone on a number of concessions of Russia (it concerns also a threshold on warheads, and coordinations from the ABM), are marked by a member of social council at Minister of Defence Igor Korotchenko. But to understand, how much new contract SNV is equitable to interests of Moscow, the detailed analysis and discussion in expert community is necessary: the devil hides in trifles .

the Interlocutor daily is convinced of the Russian diplomatic circles that the sensible sceptical relation to the document cannot be, and there can be only realised aversion of improvement of a political climate between Russia and the USA. they are people who think categories cold war and confrontations, - he considers. - contract signing will make deep positive impact on all other questions of our relations. Atmosphere will be another, we materialise it .

Now business behind parliamentary ratification of the document in Moscow and Washington. However, if an United Russia can resignedly obey to a political will of the Kremlin republicans in the American congress can quite deliver to Obama of efforts. To synchronise ratification the special group led by the American senator Ben Nelsonom and the head of committee of the international affairs of the Federation Council by Michael Margelovym (Margelov has told about it daily) should. Consultations will begin in Washington on April, 20th, well to be in time till November while in the USA have not taken place elections after which positions of democrats can oslabnut.

In Moscow, of course, would like, that the document has been approved by parliaments more - less synchronously tells a source daily in Presidential Administration, but problems to ratify in one day it is not necessary . We not Turks with Armenians, - the official jokes. - at us other quality of relations with Americans, we in a greater degree each other trust, than earlier. We do not have doubt that the document will be ratified by both parties .