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Revolution non stop

the Kirghiz demonstrators have dethroned again the power

Five years later in Kirghizia again revolution. One of stars " becomes the protagonist of a sequel; the first series the Rose of Otumbaeva - it has headed provisional government national trust . In Moscow the new Kirghiz power recognised at once: yesterday prime minister Vladimir Putin and g - zha Otumbaeva on - kind have communicated by phone and have agreed about granting of the Russian help.

in the history of Kirghizia there was a new memorial - on April, 7th. Furious mass protests of opposition nevertheless have compelled president Kurmanbeka Bakieva to run from Bishkek on the south, to its native Dzhalal Abad. According to preliminary data, as a result of storm of the House of the government and other disorders 50 persons were lost nearby. As well as in March, 2005, Bishkek has met yesterday morning crushed by crowds of marauders: The plundered shops, garbage mountains in the streets, almost not working transport.

the revolution fire has burnt also the house of president Bakieva which to retire while refuses. Yesterday the Kirghiz portal kg. 24 has published from his name an official statement (the authorship of the text is confirmed by nobody). The Working president blames leaders of opposition in bezotvet - stvennyh actions led nothing to defensible human victims also underlines: did not compose and do not compose from itself powers .

But these statements already will change nothing, experts are assured: to mobilise the angered poor population Bakievu any more udast - sja. All power in the country has passed to provisional government national trust based on a coalition almost ten parties. The head of the office oppositionists have chosen Rozu Otumbaevu - the most known politician in the numbers. Otumbaeva already was among protagonists of revolution of five years` prescription when together with Bakievym it dethroned president Askara Akaeva. At both presidents displaced by it this woman has had time to work as the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Moscow already, as a matter of fact, recognised the new Kirghiz power and has given it political support. Yesterday Putin has communicated to Otumbaevoj by phone and, as she said, very much on - kind has talked, penetrated, asked in detail, than to help . Have agreed that my assistant Almaz Atambaev will take off for Moscow and we will formulate the needs - has told Otumbaeva on air Echo Moscow .

If in 2005 the Rose of Otumbaeva was considered as the politician of pro-American sense recently its rhetoric has strongly changed, and in Moscow it have felt, the editor-in-chief " marks; Fergana. ru Daniel Kislov: It acted in Moscow, said that without Russia Kirghizia cannot live: The Russian investments for modernisation, which are necessary to Kirghiz not under force .

Occasions to sympathise Kurmanbeku Bakievu at Russia is not present. Last year Moscow has allocated to Bishkek free aid in 150 million dollars and the soft loan for 350 million, but the promise about closing of the American air base in Manase Bakiev and has not constrained. Moreover, it is considered that from - for people the Russian capital experienced serious difficulties in an environment of the influential son of president Maxim Bakieva. First of all it is a question of the right hand of Bakieva - younger - the American citizen Evgenii Gurevich who passes in Rome accused on affairs of the Italian mafia.

the credit from Moscow was in the advance payment for the future preferences of the Russian business, including the investment into Kobaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, - Daniel Kislov speaks. - Thanks to speculator Gurevich Bakievy the credit profukali, and in a society this swindle has caused anger . On Russian - the Kirghiz relations power change will be reflected Only it is positive the expert is assured. Whether

it becomes better life of the Kirghiz people, to tell difficult: eks - revolutionary Bakiev has reproduced sins of a mode of Akaeva in the hypertrophied form. The Kazakh political scientist Dosym Satpaev names the new Kirghiz government a coalition napoleonchikov which hardly can long act from uniform positions. process threatens to outgrow in fierce repartition of the power, permanent administrative chaos - he believes.

the rose of Otumbaeva as the skilled diplomat, in a condition to find the compromise between ambitions of the associates, - disagrees g - n Kislov. - She can create conditions for transition of Kirghizia to other form of government where all power will not concentrate in hands of one person .

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